Rule Automatic Bilge Pump

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Rule Automatic Bilge Pump

Postby Ducktown » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:39 am

Here's a fun one. The other day, the automatic water sensor feature of my Rule 500 GPH bilge pump stopped working. With the pump completely submerged, it will not automatically activate. I use the three-way Rule toggle switch for the pump with the following positions: auto to the left, off in the middle and spring-loaded, manual to the right. When holding the toggle in the manual position the pump works.

My local marina suggested disconnecting and reconnecting the power as this might reset (?) the pump's automatic sensor. It didn't.

I then replaced the pump. The new pump still didn't operate on the automatic setting, but does operate on manual.

I then replaced the switch. Still no automatic function.

Now with over $100 into the "project" (and full redundancy in the spare pump and switch department), deductive reasoning suggests that the bundled, three wire cable running from the switch to the pump has a disruption in only the wire that powers the pump's automatic function. The portion of the cable/wiring that I can see shows no evidence of wear. The cable runs through the continually wet, in-floor wiring channel in my '87 Montauk. I have had the boat since 2010 and have no idea how long the cabling has been in service.

Has anyone else experienced this?