Outboard Engine Owner's Manuals

A great source of information about an outboard engine is the manufacturer's literature that is provided with it. The Owner's Manual or Operating Guide or Operation Manual publication contains the answer to many questions about the motor and how it should be operated. Several outboard engine manufacturers now make available their literature for download on their internet websites. All known on-line resources are listed below:


Evinrude outboard motor OPERATOR'S GUIDE publications going back to 2004 (that is, from the era of ownership by Bombardier Recreational Products) are available in PDF format.


Yamaha outboard motor OWNER'S MANUAL publications going back to 1998 are available in PDF format.


Mercury outboard motor OPERATION MANUAL publications going back to 1960 are available in PDF format.

More Resources

If you are aware of other on-line resources for the operating guide or instrction manual or owner's manual for any outboard motors, please contact the author via email. I will be glad to add additional resources to this listing as they become available.

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