Evinrude TRIM Sensor Circuit

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Evinrude TRIM Sensor Circuit

Postby Terry_f » Tue Nov 21, 2023 1:31 am

I am trying to understand the circuit and wiring diagrams for two Evinrude engines:

The first engine is a 2019 E-TEC 50-HP. There are four wires:
  • green
  • white with tan
  • black
  • local earth
A ring connector is attached; this is Evinrude part number 587142

The second engine is an E-TEC G2. There are four wires:
  • green
  • white with black
  • white with tan
  • red with white
This is part number 587196.

In another article the resistance range of the trim sender is specified to be 10-Ohm at full UP and 88-Ohms at full down.

That seems to fit my 50-HP sender.

Q1: is the resistance range the same for both part numbers I mention above?


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Re: Evinrude TRIM Sensor Circuit

Postby jimh » Tue Nov 21, 2023 8:54 am

A better reference for the resistance range of a TRIM sender can be found in this article:

Tank Sender and Trim Sender Resistance
https://continuouswave.com/forum/viewto ... f=9&t=3043

The resistance ranges given in the above article for Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines have been in use for a long time. I would expect that those resistance values would be appropriate for the E-TEC engines.

Regarding the wire insulation colors associated with the trim sender, and specifically for a trim sender on a "2019" E-TEC 50-HP, after the year 2012 Evinrude stopped referring to their engines using model year designators, so there is no "2019" E-TEC engine. The engine model is designated by an alphabetical sequence of three letters. For more on model designators for E-TEC engines after 2012, see this article.

Evinrude-Johnson Model Codes
https://continuouswave.com/whaler/refer ... Codes.html

The only service manual I have is for 2010, so the following remarks will be based on what is shown in the service manual for a 2010 E-TEC 50-HP engine.

In the 2010 Service Manual for the E-TEC 50-HP engine there are only three wires attached to the trim sender via a connector. There is no "ring connector", unless perhaps you are talking about an individual conductor being fitted with a terminal connector with a ring-style connection point for being fastened under a screw or binding post. If there were such a ring terminal connector its likely purpose would be to make a solid bond to the metal of the swivel-tilt bracket, and to BOND that metal component to the metal of the engine block in order to suppress galvanic corrosion of the metal from leakage of any currents associated with the current flowing in the trim sender resistance element onto the metal of the swivel trim bracket. This is also why the power negative circuit is carried away on then black conductor and only bonded to the engine block at the engine itself.

The typical connector used on the E-TEC where there is possible exposure to water is an Amp SealTite connector. The connector indicated on the wiring diagram I have is a three-pole connector. The arrangement is as follows

  1. White with tan stripe: the sender variable resistance
  2. Black; the battery negative isolated ground
  3. Green; the engine chassis ground

In the mating connector, the White with Tan stripe connector is carried though to the "TRIM CONNECTOR" which is then routed by the MWS wiring harness to the HELM where it is connected to an analogue trim gauge. The wire insulation color remains the same throughout this circuit.

With the analogue TRIM GAUGE in the circuit, the variable resistance from the TRIM SENDER causes the dial pointer indicator on the TRIM GAUGE to move in a manner that corresponds to the engine position. The current needed to actuate the meter movement is supplied by a VIOLET conductor that is from the engine ignition key switch and is present when the ignition key is moved to the RUN or the START position.

I hope narrative description of the circuit is useful for you. Electrical circuits are much better described by circuit diagrams than by narratives. On that basis, I suggest that if you need a more clear understanding of the circuit, you should get an Evinrude circuit diagram of the circuit, which you can find in the Service Manual for your particular engine.

Since the trim sender parts you mention have FOUR conductors wired to them, I do not have any basis to advise you about how those parts work or what the associated circuity might be. I am not an Evinrude dealer and I do not have a parts catalogue that lists parts sorted by their part number.

Also, I would not anticipate that a TRIM SENSOR that fits some particular (unspecified) E-TEC G2 engine would necessarily also fit your 50-HP engine. The mechanical arrangement of the components in the sender might be different due to a difference in the engine mounting bracket designs used on different model of E-TEC engines or on different generations of E-TEC engines.

A very good source for information about parts for Evinrude engines that is available on-line is at


The above website allows search for parts by the engine model number, not by the part number, and because of that it cannot be used to look up a part using just the part number.

Perhaps if you stated what your goal is regarding these trim sender parts, more cogent advice could be offered.