FCC Certification Procedures for VHF Marine Band Radios

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FCC Certification Procedures for VHF Marine Band Radios

Postby jimh » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:59 am

As presently operating, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has for about 21-years allowed non-FCC certification bodies to provide equipment approvals in the same manner as the FCC. This policy began with the adoption on December 18, 1998 of a Report and Order (FCC 98-338) that created "Telecommunication Certification Bodies" (TCB's) who would be able to act as an extension of the FCC in certifying telecommunication equipment to be authorized for sale and use in the USA, with the intention of speeding up the process.

The specific criteria for becoming a TCB was outlined in a Public Notice on August 17, 1999. A TCB must be accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65 (1996), "General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems."

A TCB must be accredited in particular types of radio frequency devices. For approval to certify a VHF Marine Band radio, the TCB's accreditation must include what was categorized as Scope B3, the Marine Radio Services in CFR Part 80 of the FCC rules.

External links:
FCC Report and Order FCC 98-338
This report said in part:
FCC wrote:By this action, we amend..the rules to provide the option of private sector approval of equipment that currently requires an approval by the Commission

FCC Provides Further Information on the
Accreditation Requirements for Telecommunication Certification Bodies

This public notice said in part:
FCC wrote:This notice provides further information on the accreditation requirements for TCBs.

Certification applications and other documents can be found with a search from