FCC Advisory on MMSI

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FCC Advisory on MMSI

Postby jimh » Thu Dec 24, 2020 1:17 pm

In May 2016 the FCC issued Enforcement Advisory No. 2016-04 for Marine Radios on the topic of their MMSI registration and use.

This document can be downloaded from


The document explains the situation for boaters in the USA for obtaining an MMSI and which issuing-agency can be used for which types of boats.

The document explains in plain text several procedures involving sale of a boat, use of the MMSI, transfer of authorization, and so on.

The FCC document is written in rather plain language (considering it came from a government bureaucracy) and will answer many questions.

The document also notes that the U.S. Coast Guard estimates approximately 10,000 vessels send inaccurate MMSI identification on any given day.