Installing Electrical Outlet for Trolling Motor Above Fuel Tank

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Installing Electrical Outlet for Trolling Motor Above Fuel Tank

Postby jwaters58 » Wed Sep 20, 2023 9:10 pm

[The author intends to use] the pry-out circular deck access plate that is located above the fuel tank inlet hose as a means of access to route wiring for a trolling motor.

[The author then says he will] mount an electrical receptacle two inches forward of the access plate.

[Implied request to readers: Give me comments on this plan.]

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Re: 2007 190 Outrage: Installing Electrical Outlet for Trolling Motor Above Fuel Tank

Postby jimh » Sat Oct 07, 2023 6:23 am

Putting an electrical receptacle on the cockpit deck of any boat in a location above the fuel tank is not a good plan. There are problems in two significant domains.

Installing an electrical receptacle on the deck is a terrible location due to the possibility of tripping on the electrical outlet. Further, the deck is a wet place, and having water sloshing over the electrical outlet will be certain to create problems. When the electrical outlet on the deck is to be used by having a cord connected to it, the tripping problem becomes even worse. The electrical outlet needs to be moved to a higher location, and to not be oriented so it is pointing upward, but rather to be pointing at the least horizontally, and to as much as possible be sheltered from the weather. Putting an electrical outlet on the deck, in the weather, pointing upward is the worst location.

The second area of concern is the proximity to the gasoline fuel tank. With any electrical connection that involves inserting or removing a connecting device attached to an electrical load, there is a possibility of creating a spark when the circuit is initially made or is broken. Putting this spark hazard as close as possible to the gasoline fuel tank seems risky.