Canadian Yacht Charters

[Photo: Gas Dock at Gore Bay] Canadian Yacht Charters are located at Gore Bay, where they operate from the northern end of the harbour, with offices on the Gas Dock. Incidently, the dock was just resurfaced this year (1996) with these attractive red paving stones, replacing the old asphalt that used to cover it. "It's a lot better," said one of the young dock girls, "because you don't get black marks on people's boats from the bottom of your shoes." It also seems to be a tradition at Gore Bay to have dock "girls", rather than dock boys, or at least that's been our experience there.

The Powerboats

[Photo: 32' Trawler] But back to CYC, the charter company: They have quite a fleet of power and sailboats available for charter. Here is CATNIP, a 32-ft trawler with a single 120-HP diesel engine. She has accomodations for 2-5 people, with a nice vee-berth forward, and a double in the salon, plus a single-berth available there, too. CYC's in-house diesel mechanic was just putting the finishing touches on her propulsion and generator engines, which started at the turn of a key. They have a couple of larger trawlers available, too, with a Sealord 42 the "queen" of the fleet.

The Sailboats

[Photo: CYC sailboats]

A number of modern sailboats are available for charter. They range in size from 27-feet to 40-feet, and include boats from builders like Aloha, CS, C&C, Pearson, O'Day, and Hunter. We stopped by in early July, and most of the fleet was still in, the charter season not yet having reached full-swing. (Neither had summer temperatures!)

[Photo: CYC sailboats]

The CYC staff was busy preparing all their boats for the coming Saturday, when most would be in charter. They all stopped to take the time to answer our questions, and to let us take a tour of a few of their boats, even ones they were in the process of checking out. Our impression: very friendly folks!

The Store

They have a good marine store on the dock, too. We lost a clevis pin from our boom vang tackle on the sail over to Gore Bay, and found a replacement in their store. However, it turned out the pin we bought was just a tiny bit too short. We returned to the store, and with their help we searched through a few boxes of spare parts from their workshop, until we found an exact replacement for our missing pin! We just exchanged that one for the one be bought; you couldn't ask for a nicer arrangement!

Canadian Yacht Charters
300 Water Street
Gore Bay, Ontario
P0P, 1H0


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