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McBean Channel

The McBean Channel forms the north channel of the North Channel, providing a buoyed and daymarked passage to the north of Croker Island. Overlooking the passage is Mount McBean, which stands about 600 feet above the lake and is the highest point of the La Cloche Mountains (1,234 Ft. ASL). Behind Beaudry Point is McBean Harbour.

Photo: Mount McBean

Photo: McBean Channel Photo: McBean Channel

A late morning sun makes the water sparkle, as we look back down the McBean Channel from Bowers Rock in mid passage. There are several nice anchorages just off the channel. To the north, McBean Harbour leads to a large anchorage just behind aptly named Anchor Island. South of the channel, on the north shore of Fox Island, a small cove creates an excellent stop over, but watch out for dead heads. Dead heads, or old logs or pilings which rest or float just below the surface, are a common feature in harbors which were once used commercially. They are the remains of old docks and piers.


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