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Travel Times to Tobermory and Manitoulin Island

From Detroit Area

Detroit to Sarnia to Tobermory

Detroit to Sarnia                   61.0 miles      1.10 hours
Sarnia to Bayfield  (120 km)        74.5            1.35
Bayfield to Port Elgin (110 km)     68.3            1.24
Port Elgin to Tobermory (129 km)    80.1            1.46

Total (Assuming 55 mph)

                                   283.9 miles      5.15 hours

Delay at Bridge and Customs (30 min)                0.5 
Stops (2) (10 mins each)                            0.3

Total Detroit to Tobermory

                                   283.9 miles      5.95 hours

Ferry loading time                                  1.25
Ferry crossing time                                 1.75
Disembark ferry                                     0.25
So. Bay to L/C (51 km)              32.0            0.55

Total Time and Distance

                                   315.9 miles      9.75 hours

Backtimes for Departures

To Arrive                   Depart                 Should Arrive
Tobermory                   Detroit                Little Current at

Prior to 6 a.m.             prior to 11:45 p.m.    9:30 a.m.
to hold reservation on                      
7 a.m. sailing

Prior to 9 a.m.             prior to 2:45 a.m.     1:55 p.m.
to get aboard
11:20 a.m. sailing

Prior to 1:30               prior to 7:30 a.m.     6:15 p.m.
to get aboard
3:40 p.m. sailing
Note that I allow more time for arriving before the 11:20 and 3:40 sailings; you must arrive a little earlier to be sure to find a place on the ferry. These sailings have a first-come, first-aboard policy.

Ontario Northland - Owen Sound 1-800-265-3163 Ferry Reservations

If you really plan your travel properly, you can get in line without a reservation, and end up being the last car loaded on the ferry, just as we were one year. That big smile on my wife's face conveys our happiness at not being left at the dock for a four hour wait until the next sailing!

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