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South Baymouth

South Baymouth is the southern terminus of Highway 6, the principal North-South road on the eastern end of the island.

 Photo: Ferry approaches

The road runs right to the water's edge, where Ontario Northland operates the Chi-Cheemaun ferry service to Tobermory. You can drive your car or truck onto the stern of the ferry and drive off at the bow in Tobermory. The 35 nautical mile crossing takes about two hours and saves a considerable amount of driving around Georgian Bay to the east. Plan your travel carefully to meet the ferry's schedule.

Four crossing are made each day in the summer season.

From Ontario Northland Chi-Cheemaun Schedule 1995

   Depart South Baymouth     Arrive Tobermory
     9:10 am                   10:55 am
     1:30 pm                    3:15 pm
     5:50 pm                    7:35 pm
    10:00 pm                   11:45 pm 	


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