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North Channel Cruise 1995

  Vessel........Voyager III
  Crew..........Jim, Chris
  Duration......7 days
  Dates.........July 8-16, 1995
  Destinations..Snug Harbour, Hole-In-the-Wall,
                Croker Island, Fox Island South Harbour,
                Sturgeon Cove
Our cruising this year is split into two weeks. The first week, July 8-16, is earlier than we have cruised in many years. We chose this week because it was the only week we could fit into everyone's schedules. The principal accomodation was for Catherine, but now she has decided that her new job takes precedence, and she will not join us. Then, the week before, my Dad has surgery. We are not sure if we can get away at all. The surgery goes well, but there are complications. In the end, Jay volunteers to stay behind and look after Grandma, while Chris and I cruise alone. When this decision is made, on a late Thursday evening, we telephone for a motel reservation at Tobermory. The Harbourside Inn has just had a cancellation, and we are in luck. Next, the Chi-Cheemaun has space for one more car on the Saturday morning sailing, and we make that reservation as well. In the space of a few minutes, our plans are restored, and we begin a flurry of packing and preparation. All morning Friday we are loading the car. Then at 3:30 p.m., we are off. We stop at the hospital to check on Dad. At 4:30 p.m. we are back on the road. Six hours later, we arrive at Tobermory and check in with the ferry attendants. When I roll the window down, an icy blast of wind chills the car. The temperature is in the 40's! A short night awaits us. We must be ready to load the car aboard the ferry at 6:30 a.m.
At 7:00 a.m., we sail for Manitoulin. Aboard the Chi-Cheemaun, we indulge in a greasy breakfast of eggs. bacon, and potatoes. I wangle an invitation to the bridge and meet the captain. He allows me to observe as he docks the "big canoe" at South Baymouth. Ironically, by making this first ferry crossing, we arrive earlier than usual at the boat.

Saturday, July 8, 1995

Little Current to Snug Harbour (15 nm.)

The temperature slowly increases all morning, and by mid-day it is a pleasant summer afternoon again. As always, the preparations take time and energy. Then suddenly the urgency of the 3 p.m. bridge opening launches us from dock side.

1500 Depart Spider Bay. Racing east to make the bridge
opening at 3pm.

1511 Clear the bridge. We'll be the last sailboat through
on this opening.

1525 Under sail. 150% genoa; no main. Speed 5.5 Kn.
Course 095 C.  Making for J20 at the north tip of Strawberry

1535 Weather warm, sunny, fair, after cool rainy night.
The boat has a nice roll on it. It makes you feel like
you're sailing. Prop rotating, need to shift to reverse to
stop it.

1540    Abeam J20.
        TC  106
        var   9w
        MC  115
        dev   6e
        CC  109

LORAN   45 57.22 N   81 46.73 W

2000 Anchored in Snug Harbour. We had a nice downwind sail,
going 5-6 knots with just the genoa. The D/S works
intermittently. In shallow water, < 20 ft., it works. When
the engine is on, it works better.  Sounds like the
transducer is not giving much of an echo.

We are swinging at anchor with 4 other boats, all Canadian
sailboats -- mainly C&C's.

We devoured the nacho chips and dip, had 4 Labatts between
us, and veggies and cheese dip. Now the sky is getting
cloudy. We are tired, but well fed and watered.

Items repaired: Throttle Handle, LORAN autoVAR, main halyard
thimble, organized tools.  Switched anchors. Using the 13 lb. Danforth.

Weather forecast for tomorrow: Fair, winds west at 10 knots.

Very quiet harbor.

Sunday, July 9, 1995

Snug Harbour to Hole-In-The-Wall (3 nm.)

Radio Broadcast from Environment Canada on Wx Ch 3

0840 Wx: scattered showers ending, then fair.
Monday: variable cloudiness. Probability of precipitation 40%.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Cloudy.

MAFOR 13610 19616 14610 11510

Nearshore Marine Forecast

North Channel: Winds SW at 10 veering to West then NW this
afternoon. Scattered showers ending, becoming fair.

Georgian Bay:  Winds W-SW 15. Showers ending by noon; fair.

Radio broadcast from Wiarton Coast Guard Radio on Wx Ch .5 (21 B)
GB   W-SW 10-15 showers ending noon. fair
NC   SW 10 veering to W then NW this afternoon; scattered showers,
     becoming fair this afternoon.

8 a.m. Weather Observations 3 Mi So. of Jones Island Light:
	 Water 21 C Air 17 C Overcast. Light Rain. SW winds 3 knot

Safety Notice To Shipping, C-1979 Great Lakes
LORAN C Rate 8970-Y  Station Baudet, 8970-Y, unusable 1500-1900Z On
August 2, 1995 (Aug 4 alternate) . Contact 1-703-313-5877
Lt. Hurley

Safety Notice To Shipping, C-1930 North Channel
Spanish RIver entrance. Construction at Shedden's Marina near mouth
of Spanish RIver. Illuminated by yellow lights.

Safety Notice To Shipping, C-2021 Great Lakes
LORAN C Station Dana, 8970-M, 9960-Z, Off air 1500-1900Z July 13, 1995

Safety Notice To Shipping, C-1649 Lake Huron Cape Hurd.
Unidentified green can buoy reported in position 45 06' 33''
N, 081 34' 01''W off Johnson Point. Report further

WIARTON COAST GUARD RADIO Continuous Marine Broadcast using
transmit facilities located in Tobermory, Point Aux Baril,
and Killarney on Channel 21-B, and from Meaford on Channel

Weekly Mean Water Levels, July 4, 1995:
Lake Superior is 0.12 Meters above chart datum.
Lake Huron is 0.59 meters above chart datum.

Safety Notice To Shipping, C-1881 Partially submerged vessel
reported in position 44 59' 31.5'' N, 081 01' 07'' W

0850  We awake to light rain and low clouds. No fog.
Temperature is moderately cool, but not cold. Winds locally
have shifted from W to N.

0915 Patch of blue sky visible overhead. Breakfast is cereal
with "lait écrémé"  (skim milk) from Farquahar's (The name of
quality in the north)

1000 Organized the cockpit locker. Cleaned galley. After
lunch we haul the anchor using the genoa primary winch to
carry the load. This works well.

1300  We are leaving Snug Harbour. The D/S is working again.

1330 Motoring west in Lansdowne Channel. The sun comes out.
Conditions are perfect for an entrance to Hole-In-The-Wall.
We decide to try it.

1400 No problem entering. The rocks are clearly visible in
this lighting. Right after you cross the narrow rock
entrance, the mud shoals to 6.0 ft indicated on D/S.  It is
probably silting from wave action.

1500 Sun shining all afternoon

1800 Wind shifts to the NW and builds to 20 + knots. We add
a second line ashore, to another tree.

1930 "MAYDAY" transmission heard on Channel 16. A 26'
ChrisCraft adrift W of Partridge Island. We can see him
clearly. Wiarton CG radio makes a request for  assistance.
No takers. The boat drifts rapidly east and out of view S of
Partridge Island.

Last night we listened to a helicopter -- Tiger 78 -- look
for a sailboat aground near Clapperton.

2200 Local powerboats still transiting at high speed.

Monday, July 10, 1995

Hole-In-The-Wall to Little Current, then on to Croker Island (30 nm)

0730 At anchor. Winds calm. Mist and haze. Visibility
half-mile. Blue sky coming.  Ch 83B (or Ch WX .05)
hetrodynes between Killarney and Tobermory.

Notice to Shipping C-2062
Submerged object at 44 45' 59''N, 079 52' 24'' W

Forecast - Plain language
Western L Superior  W-SW 15-20 veering to NW 15 this afternoon
                    then variable overnight
Eastern L Superior SW 20 veering to NW 10-15 this afternoon.
                    Scattered showers ending p.m.
Georgian Bay, North Lake Huron
                     W-SW 10-15 veering to NW 10 tonight
                     Scattered showers p.m.

Synopsis weak trough 1008 mB; ridge 1017 mB over Manitoba

Nearshore Marine Forecast
Georgian Bay  light and variable becoming W-SW 10 in mid a.m.; mist and fog
Lake Huron     light and variable becoming W-SW 10, then increasing to
              10-15 in the afternoon
North Channel light and variable, scattered showers. mist and fog in
              the a.m.

0940 Estimate arrival at Little Current Bridge
D= 7 mi  S=5.5    60D=ST  T= 60*7/5.5 = 76 minutes

0945 + 76 min = 1101   (should make opening)

1100 Waiting for 11 a.m. opening

1130 Tied up at town dock
1200 Chris in shower. Trash emptied.  Going to make telephone calls
1315 Depart dock
1330 LORAN 45 59.54' N; 081 56.66' W
Speed (indicated) 5.5; speed (LORAN) 6.0   0.5 knot current running to west

1345    TC 276
         v   9w
        MC 285
         d   6w
        CC 291
1435 LORAN 46  00.09 N  082 05.39 W  South of JP2 Straubenzee Reef

1630 Approaching Secretary Island from the SE. We are confused by
the appearance of a rock that is normally awash (in higher
water years).

The angle of our approach exaggerates the distance the rock
appears to be from the island. At first glance it appears
the course should be between rock and island. Eventually we
decide that is wrong (Correct choice!).

Enter Croker            Depart Croker
TC    075               TC  255
v       9w               v   9w
MC    084               MC  264
d       4e               d   3w
CC    080               CC  267

Tuesday, July 11, 1995

Croker Island to Fox Island, south harbor (5 nm)

The Passage Through N. Benjamin

TC  351     Exit at N. Benjamin, S. Benjamin, northward
v     9w
MC   360
d      6w
CC   006

TC  300     To Benjamins from N side Porcupine Is.
v     9w
MC  309
d     7w
CC  316

TC  275     To Benjamins from S of Porcupine Is.
v     9w
MC   284
d      5w
CC   289

TC  099     Enter Fox
v     9w
MC   108
d      6e
CC   102

1215 Anchored in Fox Island Harbour. Lunch is great tuna fish
sandwiches. While heading in had to steer CC 090 to correct
for strong cross wind from port (N).  Depth minimum was 30
ft. Very deep.

BOAT NAMES HEARD ON Ch 16 (or sighted visually)

Loon's Nest     Summer Joy      Wally B      Beat On
Tabasco         Hennepin        John B       Gambler Lucky 3
Denigrant       Gussu Gusa      Carol Ann    Ruffin' It
Vagrant         Lizard          Melody       Battle Free
Vision          Swallow         Figment      Ansulite
Serenity        Fly Boy         Checkmate    Priority One
Astral          Blue Zone       Saffron II   Current Affair
Sailor's Choice Catherine E     Wind Trick   Blue Jacket
Botton Line     Kamaylea        Scotia Blue  Drifter
Tout L'Mer      Proper Tease    Misty Jay    Omni
Brown Sugar     Mystic Loon     Meridian II  Grey Escape
Aries           Talisman        Anodyne      Strawberry Fields
Touch'N'Go      Impulse II      Gull Light   The Mariner
Mac Attack      North Wind        

NOTE: In Fox, go all the way to the back for best
protection. The breeze tends to funnel down the harbor
(from the SW), and it will be much less in the extreme back versus
the front.

Wednesday, July 12, 1995

Fox Island, south harbor, to Little Current, then on to Sturgeon Cove (25 nm)

Rough sail to Little Current. Gusting Winds. Arguments.

"Proper Tease", an OutIsland 41  with Doreen Kavesdy in
command, was moored in Little Current at the government
dock. I say hello and chat on the way to the shower.

"Shotgun", a Catalina 30, ran aground in Clapperton Island
channel when following another boat (with shallower draft)
that took a buoy on the wrong side.

Sturgeon Cove:
Initial approach range. White delta's on rock and tree on back shore
TC   156
 v     9w
MC   165
 d     4e
CC   161

Second Leg . Painted white diamonds's on rock and tree

TC   097
 v     9w
MC   106
d      6e
CC   100

Third Leg. Look behind you for painted O's in line on rocks

TC   194 (180 + 14)
 v     9w
MC   203
 d     0
CC   203

1715 Loud "THUMP, THUMP". Greyscape is aground
entering Sturgeon Cove. He floats off about twenty minutes

Thursday, July 13, 1995

At anchor in Sturgeon Cove, with two changes of anchoring location

0900 Anchored in Sturgeon Cove. Fishing from 0730-0850
unproductive. Last night I caught and released one jumbo
perch that hit a U-20 flatfish I was trolling.

July 11th Lake Levels: Huron 0.62 meter above datum (about 2 feet).

Forecast issued 4 am today
Lake Huron,Georgian Bay: Winds S15-20 decreasing to S10-15 this morning.
                         Thunderstorms and mist patches.

MAFOR 12423 15410

Synopsis: Trough (central pressure 1012 mB lying central S.
Dak moving to James Bay. Trough central pressure 1012 mB
Nebraska moving Friday to E. Lake Superior and ridge
(central pressure 1015 mB) at James Bay

GB water temperature 17C (64F)

Notice to shipping C-2145 Soo radio at Silverwater is

Note that today the LORAN chain is out of service.

1600 We move to the extreme W end of cove to escape strong
NW breeze and surge in harbor.

1700 "Albino" (X-Yachts X105 / 34-footer) tries to enter. Runs aground.
I row out to help him. He enters ok. He ran aground twice.
Second time with a horrible thump.

1900 A great "last night omlet". We have consumed all the
beer. A record 5 beers today were consumed.

Friday, July 15, 1995

Sturgeon Cove to Spider Bay Marina (10 nm),

(then on to South Baymouth via Car, aboard the Chi-Cheemaun,
and on to Birmingham, Michigan)

Hobbs times 3224.4 (at finish)
              -  3209.2 (at start)
              =  0015.2 hours motored

 Litres added = 16.0  (from pump)

Our first week is done. We finally discover the rate of fuel consumption of our 2-cylinder diesel: approximately one liter per hour.

  Vessel........Voyager III
  Crew..........Jim, Chris
  Duration......7 days
  Dates.........August 19-26, 1995
  Destinations..Croker Island, Kagawong, Logan Bay,
                Sturgeon Cove

Friday, August 18, 1995

Birmingham, Michigan to Blind River, Ontario via Mackinaw and the Soo.

Saturday, August 19, 1995

Blind River, Ontario to Little Current, Ontario

1125 Arrive Little Current via Hwy. 6 and bridge.

1445 Depart Spider Bay aboard Serenity. Hobbs time 5566.3

1500 Heading N up Wabuno to avoid W headwinds and 2'-3'

1600 Close hauled sailing approx CC 280 n. of W. Rous Is.

1700 Closing toward Wilson Point, Croker Is.

1800 Entering Croker Island south harbor

1900 Anchored in the "Jupiter" position

2000 Motoring in dingy

2130 Retiring for evening

2330 Stars observed

Sunday, August 20, 1995

Croker Island south harbor

0230 Rain and wind shift. Now NW wind and we lie abeam.

0300 Loose halyards. Hull oilcans in the little chop

0900 Awake to beautiful, clear, blue sky and fair weather

0925 Radio Broadcast  Nearshore Marine Forecast (6 a.m.)

North Channel - W-NW 10, morning mist patches, fair

Ship's weather observations
Stannard Rock      Wind W 18    Temp 19 Pressure 1017 mB
Soo          Fog   Wind Calm    Temp 12 Pressure 1017 mB
Gore Bay           Wind N-NW 6  Temp 20 Pressure 1017 mB
Geo. Bay           Wind NW 6    Temp 22 Pressure 1016 mB

St. Mary's River closed due to visibility

August 16 Water level:
 Huron is 0.61 m above datum
Rates for Radiotelephone Increase Aug 1, 1995 (to approx. $16/3-minute call)

Safety Notice to Shipping C-3084
Loose Ropes reported 46 03' 04'' N, 082  16'  00'' W
Ropes trail behind markers for 20 feet.

Deadhead near Buoy U29 in Whalesback Channel

1000 Breakfast served.

1100 Fishing. Trolled once around with a Red/White Daredevil. Switched to
a Rapala and caught two (smallmouth) bass in shady patch at southernmost part
of the harbor.

1500 Ashore to fillet the bass. Just before, a duck dove down and tried
to steal the fish off the stringer while they were clipped to the dingy
alongside the boat. The duck was a black, ugly thing. I yelled him off
from the cockpit.

I "cleaned" the fished and left their remains on a rock on "Jupiter" Island.
Minutes later a seagull arrived to clean up after me.

1600 SNAP! The tree to which our stern line is anchored breaks, and we
swing free. The boat drags the log into the water. I row ashore and roll the
log back onto the beach.

Fish name trivia:

Menominee = local name for Cisco
Lake Herring = cross between Menominee and Whitefish

Splake = cross between Speckled and Lake Trout

I learned all this from the local fisherman who was selling smoked herring
at the Farmer's Market in Spanish (i.e., the town, not the language).

1700 Channel 83B broadcast:

C-3084 Lake Huron/North Channel: Loose ropes reported off Marker Buoy is
Channel between Clapperton and Benjamins.

C-2840 Lake Huron/North Channel: Deadhead 2.0 cm in diameter in Whalesback
Channel off Green Spar buoy U29.


Eastern Lake Superior  W SW 25  becoming W30 at midnight; Waves 3-meters

Northern Lake Huron/Georgian Bay  W20 becoming W25 overnight; chance of
                                  showers then fair in the afternoon.
1730 (Yacht) AMBER explains the radio call we heard earlier. They were
hailing a charter boat that had left the harbour this morning to tell them
they had recovered their dingy. It seems the charter boat crew, in the
process of departing the anchorage, sailed over their dingy painter.
This cut the painter line and set the dingy adrift. All this went unnoticed
on the charter boat. The crew on AMBER watched it happen and
recovered the dingy. They couldn't raise the departing boat on radio,
so they'll tow the lost dingy back to the charter base.

U.S. Weather Office Nearshore Marine Forecast 
Sunday August 20, 1995

St. Mary's River 
Wind W5-15, Pcldy
Water temp 63 F
Tonight Wind W 5-15 Clear
Monday WInd NW 10-20 Sunny

Environment Canada Forecast Issued 1200 DST
North Channel Wind NW 10 Fair Waves less than 1 meter

Chris's boat shoes; sail gloves; butane lighter for stove

2200 Stars bright. Subtle aurora borealis visible
Shooting stars seen.
Many satellites and aircraft also seen.

Monday, August 21, 1995

Croker Island south harbor

0830 Winds locally are still strong. Sky very clear.
Whitecaps in the main harbor north of us.

Continuous Marine Broadcast using facilities on Channel 83 at
Bald Head and Silverwater, and on Channel 21 at Gros Cape. ("Grow Cap")

6 a.m. Forecast

North Channel - Small Craft Warning; winds W-NW 10 increasing to 25 this afternoon
with gusts to 30 knots.

0929 The charter CS-34 yacht "Bolito" leaves the harbor. They proceed slowly into
the chop and wind.

1000 "Whispering WInd" --a 29-foot sailboat--leaves the harbor.

1010 10 a.m. Forecast

Western Lake Superior  Winds NW 20-25 decreasing to 15-20 by afternoon; light overcast
Eastern Lake Superior  WInds W 30 decreasing to NW 20-25 by afternoon, then 10-15 overnight
Georgian Bay   Winds W 20 increasing to NW 30 this afternoon, then decreasing to
               NW 20-25 tonight
12630  13740 13730 Waves more than 2-meters (!)

Currently: A NW-SE ridge, pressure 1021 mB through southern Minnesota.
           A Low, pressure 992 mB, northeast of James Bay
Tuesday:  NW-SE ridge through southern Lake Michigan
          A Low, 995 mB pressure, east of Labrador

1100 We go ashore and climb the "mountain". We see our previous neighbors 
out sailing. 

"Ruddy Duck", a Sabre 34 with an older couple aboard, heads for the Benjamins.

The small 27-foot sloop, with red sails, sets his main and heads eastward.

The CS34 returns to the harbor to make some sail repairs, then he starts out

We return to the boat. With the new wind strength we are really sailing on our
anchor and bouncing in the waves.

We decide to move to the calmer side of the harbour, just behind the wall
at the south end of the harbor.

1200 Underway, we wait for the CS-34, which has returned again, to anchor. It takes
him 45 minutes to get secured.

1300  We make a very snappy manuever and anchor in 5 minutes. We cozy between
the CS34 and a Pearson-31, "Rowdy's Revenge." The thirty-one is a charter boat
from Gore Bay. We use the stainless steel mooring rings on the rocks behind us.

1400 Lunch

1500 Fiddle with stern lines

1600 Swim

1650 Weather Forecast from Environment Canada

Nearshore, issued at 1200 EDST, valid until midnight:

Whitefish Bay: Wind NW 20, gusting 30, decreasing to 15 tonight; fair
North Channel: Wind W 20, gusting 30, decreasing to NW 15 tonight; fair

Marine Forecast Great Lakes (Toronto)
W. Lake Superior  W 20-25 decreasing to NW 15-20 tonight, light overnight.
E. Lake Superior  Winds W-NW 30, NW 20-25 tonight, 10-15 overnight
                  Waves 2-3 meters
Georgian Bay  W-NW 30, decreasing to NW 20-25 tonight, then N 10-15 Tuesday

1830  Wind shifts to northwest. Chop now in harbor. We ride with chop on
our port bow, making an annoying hull slap. I contemplate moving,
but I decide against it since the north harbor looks just as rough as this

"Wolfgang" comes into the harbor and anchors in the center. Aboard are four men
from Florida, all ex-Michigan residents.

2100 Wind lowers a little. We try sleeping.

2400 Wind up and hull slap too loud to sleep. Then a lull, and we go back
to sleep. Repeat all night.

Tuesday, August 22, 1995

Croker Island to Kagawong

0730 Weather Broadcast

Safety Notice to Shipping C-3133, Lake George
A 6.4 meter pleasure craft, gray with red stripe, adrift at
21-23-04 Universal Coordinate Time near Pumpkin Point. 
Request further sighting be reported to nearest Coast Guard.

Marine Forecast at 4 a.m. Tuesday, next forecast at 10 a.m.

W. Lake Superior  Winds variable 10 becoming SE 15 this afternoon and S 20 tonight
E. Lake Superior  Wind NW 15 becoming variable 10, then SE 15 late this afternoon,
                  then S 20 tonight; scattered thunderstorms tonight
Lake Huron  Wind NW 20 decreasing to 10-15 this morning and
                 becoming variable 10 after midnight
MAFOR  11720  15710  11900

Georgian Bay   GALE WARNING ended. Wind N20 decreasing to NW 10-15 this moring
               becoming variable 10 after midnight
Synopsis:  N-to-S ridge, central pressure 1022 mB in Lake Superior
           N-to-S warm front, central pressure 1016 mB, through the Dakotas at 4 a.m.
           NE-SW ridge, 1022 mB, Southern Lake Huron
           N-to-S warm front, 1016 mB...
Nearshore Marine Forecast at 6 a.m., next at noon

North Channel  Winds N-NW 10; fair; waves 0.5 meters or less

0920  Under sail SSE at 4 knots; broad reach

1300 At dock in Kagawong
Proprietor is Maple Ridge Yacht Charters, Bob and Wendy Ellen, nice people.
(GLCC members)

Neighbors are Alan and Wendy aboard charter C&C-29 from Toronto. He is still 
getting cellular calls from work.

Dock rate is $0.60/ft.  Dock boy is Dave; gave him a $5 tip

Fish for splake along the shoal at the river mouth. Pike are in
the weeds west of the dock.

1500 Walk to Bridal Veil falls.

Wednesday, August 23, 1995

Kagawong to Logan Bay, Clapperton Island

Weather Synopsis

4 a.m. today: a ridge, central pressure 1022 mB from New York City to Cleveland
              a low, central pressure 1007 mB over Hudson Bay
Nearshore Marine Forecast 

St. Mary's River: wind SW 10-20 veering to NW; mostly cloudy
Thursday: wind NW 10-20, clocking to SE. Partly cloudy in the morning

Environment Canada

North Channel:  Winds SW 10-15 in the morning, veering to NW and increasing 10-25
                by afternoon
August 22 water levels:  Lake Huron is 0.65 meters above chart datum

Marine Forecast issued at 4 a.m. Wednesday 23 August

Lake Superior: wind SW 20-25, decreasing to 15 then veering North after midnight;
               scattered showers ending.
Georgian Bay: wind SW 10 increasing to 20-25 this morning,
              then veering to NW 15-25 this afternoon. Fair, then chance of showers 
              in the afternoon.
Northern Lake Huron:  wind SW 15-20 increasing to 20-25 in the morning, then
              veering to NW 15-20 in the afternoon
1320  At anchor in Logan Bay on the NE shore of Clapperton Island. We are alone.
We sailed north from Kagawong on a fresh southerly breeze, which veered west
as we left the southern end of Mudge Bay.

Survived a crash accidental jibe; Jim at the wheel!

We coasted up the east side of Clapperton and turned into Logan Bay. 
As we entered, it gusted to 20 knots and the sky darkened. We are now 
securely at anchor and having lunch.

At Kagawong, we did the following:

1. Visited Bridal Veil Falls and swam in the pool below it.

2. Went for a tour of the town.

3. Had a great dinner at Needle's Restaurant. The sign said
"Owner Retiring FOR SALE", so there is no guarantee that it will
be the same quality the next time we visit.

4. Had several boat trips around Mudge Bay and fished without success.

5. Made telephone calls to home.

6. Visited other boaters, etc.

1325 Wind diminishing. The Sun is in and out of the clouds.

1415 Weather Forecast

E. Lake Superior:  wind SW 20-25, clocking to NW then diminishing to N to NE 15
                   chance of thunderstorms; waves 1-2 meters lowering to 1 meter or less
N. Lake Huron: wind SW 15-20 increasing to 20-25 this afternoon then veering
               to NW, and diminishing to N 15 tonight. Chance of thunderstorms
               this afternoon; then fair.
Georgian Bay: wind SW 15-20 increasing to 20-25 this afternoon, then
              veering to NW by midnight, and diminishing to N 15-20 early
              Thursday morning
1535 The sun is hidden by dark clouds and the wind roars. A C&C 30
enters and anchors north of us, a polite 1/4 mile away.

The rock shown on all charts to be NW from Carling Point cannot be seen today.

1545  Cabin temperature is 78 degrees-F; looks like rain headed our way. 

1750 Nearshore Marine Forecast issued at noon Wednesday, August 23rd.
Georgian Bay (Kilarney to Midland): Small Craft Warning (due to wind); winds
                                    SW 25 veering to W 20 by mid afternoon
                                    and veering to NW 15 by evening; fair,
                                    waves 1 - 1.5 meters.
W. Lake Superior: winds NW 15 veering to NE then E Thursday morning
E. Lake Superior: wind NW 20 veering to N 15-20 then
                  veering to NE 10-15 Thurs. evening.
SYNOPSIS: At 4 p.m. EDST a ridge (1022 mB) lying SE of the lower Great Lakes will
move SE. A 1000 MB Low over James Bay. A 1026 mB ridge over western Manitoba.

"This is Wiarton Coast Guard Radio, continuous marine broadcast, 
using transmit facilities on Channel Two One at Tobermory, Point Aux Baril, and
Kilarney, and on Channel Eight Three-bravo from Meaford."

Safety Notice to Shipping
C-2745 Georgian Bay-Cape Croker to Lion Head
A partially submerged vessel, 44 58.11 N, 080 57.89 W, one half-mile N-NW of
Cape Croker LIghthouse. Position is marked with a white "JAVEX" bottle. 

Weather Round Up
Georgian Bay    8 mile visibility    drizzle   21 degree-C  1013 mB pressure
Duck Island                                    21 degree-C  1014 mB
Cove Island                                    22 degree-C  1012 mB
Kilarney       9 mile visibility   Wind W 18   24 degree-C  1011 mB
GB-45137 buoy  3-meter waves       Wind W 19   22 degree-C  1011 mB Water temp 20
West Island                        Wind W 21   23 degree-C  1013 mB

2045 Just back from a long boat ride and troll. No fish. One possible strike.
WInd still 15 knots. Cabin temperature 69-degrees-F. The sky is clear. It will
be a good night for stars.

Dinner was excellent! Spaghetti and Merlot wine. Cheese pastry h'ordouves

LORAN position:  46 01.80 N   082 12.23 W

"Wind showing no sign of abating this evening", says Chris.

2100 New weather forecasts

Georgian Bay (Kilarney)  Small Craft Warning; winds W-SW 20 veering to NW
                         by evening. Showers, then fair. Thursday NW-N 15; fair
North Channel:  Small Craft Warning. Wind W 20, gusting 30, diminishing to NW15
               late evening, gusting to 25. Thursday N 15; fair

Thursday, August 24, 1995

Logan Bay to Sturgeon Cove, Great La Cloche Island

0125 Started Engine. Wind greater than 30 knots!

0140 LORAN  46  01.79 N   082  12.25 W

0200 Engine off. Wind has decreased to 20 knots

0644 Sunrise. The AMPLITUDE of the sun was 104 degrees.
Check this out for latitude 46-01.8N on August 24.

This wind is lower now, much less than the 30-knot gusts we had
at 1-2 a.m.

0720  4 a.m. Forecast
Western Lake Superior: Winds northeast 15 veering to east and decreasing 10-15,
then veering to SE and increasing to 20-30; fair. Scattered Showers tonight.

Eastern Lake SUperior: Winds NE 15 decreasing after 10 p.m. then increasing to
E-SE 15-20 tonight; fair.

Georgian Bay: Wind NW 20-25 decreasing to N15-20 by late morning, then veering
to NE 10 overnight.

Lake Huron: N/NW 20 veering to N 15, then NE tonight.

Logan Bay East toward Bears Back

TC   093
 v     9w
MC   112
 d     0
CC   112     Distance (J71 to Middleton Island)  2.4 nm

Northeast from Middleton Island

TC   060
 v     9w
MC   069
 d     4e
CC   065                               Distance 3.2 nm 

Eastward when Bedford Island Reef lies due south

TC   090
 v     9w
MC   099
 d     1e
CC   098                               Distance 6 nm

TOTAL DISTANCE                                 11.6 nm
Speed estimated 4.5 knots
Sailing Time  2 hr  35 mins

Triangles    Diamonds     Circles
TC   156     TC   097     TC   194
 v     9w     v     9w     v     9w
MC   165     MC   106     MC   203
 d     5w     d     1e     d     5w
CC   170     CC   105     CC   208

Distance sailed today  13.1

Meet Sharon and Ron France, homeport Port Elgin, Ontario, and have
drinks aboard their Edel 28.
We got blasted on Miller Genuine Draft Lite

Friday, August 25, 1995

Sturgeon Cove to Spider Bay Marina, Little Current

Hobbs Time  5572.9  -  5566.3  =  6.6 hours motored; 5.0 litres added

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