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1986 Transfer Trip

A Seven Day Voyage to Manitoulin Island

Graphics, text, and HTML by Jim Hebert

Map: Course line My first experience cruising aboard a sailboat came on the "Transfer Trip". It's a voyage made in mid-June every year by new members of the Voyager program, a quarter-century old sailing instruction program on Lake St. Clair. The most recent class of 10-12 new Voyagers are given the mission of delivering two thirty-foot cruising sailboats to Little Current in the North Channel.

The new Voyagers think of it as a big reward for completing their training.

The old Voyagers, ones that have made a few transfer trips, think of it as a good way to get someone else to move the boat to the North Channel.

The trip begins on Lake St. Clair on a Saturday, and concludes a week later at Little Current on Manitoulin Island. We take a course along the eastern shore of Lake Huron, as shown on the map on the left.

The narratives for Day One and Day Three were written back in 1986. Others were added more recently. As a result, the style may wander a bit from day to day.

1986 Transfer Trip

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