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Site History

March 30, 2003. Added Cetacea Page 72.

March 26, 2003. Added article on Boston Whaler hull construction patent.

February 23, 2003. Added Tom Clark article on repair instructions.

February 16, 2003. Added Cetacea Page 71.

February 9, 2003. Added Cetacea Page 70.

February 7, 2003. Changed MIME types for Whaler Radio MP3 files and restored them to local server.

January 4, 2003. Added Cetacea Page 69.

December 29, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 68.

December 16, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 67.

December 3, 2002. Added Taylor Clark article on hull repair.

October 29, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 66.

October 10, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 65.

Septeber 24, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 64.

August 21, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 63.

August 7, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 62.

July 31, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 61.

July 23, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 60.

July 20, 2002. Added Reference Article on Whaler Wire Color Codes.

June 14, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 59.

June 09, 2002. Added Reference Article on On-Deck Fuel Tanks.

June 8, 2002. Added Propeller Calculator accessory.

June 2, 2002. Added Reference Article on Transducer Mounting.

June 1, 2002. Added more pictures to Cetacea Page 58.

May 27, 2002. Added Memorial Day message to Forum top page.

May 17, 2002. Debuted Cetacea Page 58 after week on hold.

May 9, 2002. Separated and expanded article on Engine Setback brackets on standard transoms. Added illustrations.

May 5, 2002. Edited article on Bow Lifting props; not sure I believe my own theory anymore.

April 30, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 57.

April 9, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 56.

April 5-8, 2002. Added article on Hi-Range engine repowering.

April 1, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 55.

March 24, 2002. Added article written by Jerry Townsend about Trailer Load Calculations. Also provided binary executable application.

March 17, 2002. Changed FORUM LOGO to Green for St. Patrick's Day.

March 16, 2002. Added epic cruise narrative on Georgian Bay 2001.

March 7, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 54.

March 6, 2002. Added article on Bow Lifting propellers.

March 5, 2002. Added article on Mid-Range Repower.

February 26, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 53.

February 21, 2002. Added Reference Article on 2002 Montauk 170.

February 19, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 52.

February 10, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 51.

January 26, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 50.

January 19, 2002. Added Cetacea Page 49.

January 5, 2002. Added FAQ section.

December 31, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 48.

December 21, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 47.

December 10, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 46. Several updates made in following weeks.

November 27, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 45.

October 29, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 44. Forum activity improving after dramatic drop following 9/11/01 tragedy.

September 30, 2001. Added Cetacea Page 43. Been busy boating all summer.

July-August 2001. Added Cetacea Pages 40, 41, 42. Threw oil on troubled waters of forums.

June 2, 2001. Added Part 2 to Reference article on Propellers. Added 40th Cetacea Page. Updated Photo Log.

May 8, 2001. Added 39th Cetcea Page.

May 1, 2001. Updated article on Engine Brackets.

April 30, 2001. Added lengthy article on Brunswick Legal Problems. Added 38th Cetacea page.

April 15, 2001. Moved Polls 6-11 to separate page. Added new poll. Added 37th Cetacea page. Added new article on Brunswick history.

March, 2001. Added Cetacea's 35th and 36th pages. Added lengthy new article on Bearcat 55 Outboard. Added Dated headlines to Forum. Added article on Battery Charge. Ran two Poll questions.

February 17-26, 2001. Added long article on engine brackets. Added expanded article on Whaler company history.

February 11, 2001. Finally add the article on 18-Outrages to Reference. Started this in October!

February 10, 2001. Added article on dual batteries to Reference. Currently running the 7th poll in Whaler Voting booth.

February 3, 2001. Added 34th Cetacea Page.

January 13, 2001. Added 33rd Cetacea Page.

December 31, 2000. Added 32nd Cetacea Page. Now using the style of coding, developed over the holidays.

December 26, 2000. Added new photo to Rendezvous narrative for Day Three.

December 24, 2000. Added the 31st Cetacea Page. Season's Greetings to all. Invented--with crucial aid from my son Jay (home for a visit)--a cgi that helps create tables for Cetacea. Quite cool!. Used it to make pg-31.

December 17, 2000. Added the 30th Cetacea Page. Now over 200 photographs in our collection.

December 14, 2000. Added third Poll to Whaler Voting Booth.

December 08, 2000. Added 29th Cetacea Page.

December 03, 2000. Added Whaler Voting Booth! Should be fun.

December 01, 2000. Added 28th Cetacea page. Couldn't wait any longer to show off Clark Roberts and his Spruce Creek Navy.

November 27, 2000. Hacked around with the UBB software to remove some embedded HTML coding errors. Got most of them out!

November 25, 2000. Added three more photographs to 27th Cetacea page.

November 24, 2000. Added 27th Cetacea page. Happy Thanksgiving.

November 18, 2000. Added 26th Cetacea page. Added Structural Navigation links to Whaler topPage as an experiment. Don't think the MS-IE crowd will see them.

November 11, 2000. Added 25th Cetacea page. Changed layout of Cetacea so "top page" is just a pointer. Updated PhotoLog.

November 07, 2000. Cleaned up quite a few little HTML error in older Ceteacea pages.

November 04, 2000. Added the 24th page to Cetacea. Each rotation now includes updating the photoLog. Then update the History. Need some automation. Moved 10-Megs of Radio files to secondary server site. Very cool trick needed to get them to play properly.

October 29, 2000. Thrashed around in the UBB guts of the Forum, trying to edit then restore a message thread. Results not encouraging.

October 28, 2000. Added 23rd page to Cetacea. Cetacea pages now feature direct links to the Forum follow-up thread. When rotating the page, added new link to the new numbered page location. Added Photo Log for Cetacea.

October 21, 2000. Added 22nd page to Cetacea. Added two new photos to Cetacea Page 21. Recorded 2-millionth hit on server since April!.

October 15, 2000. Added 21st page to Cetacea. Reworked all page numbers in Cetacea. Revised Top Page. Repaired textcounter problem--permissions were wrong in data directory.

October 06, 2000. Added 20th page to Cetacea. Reworked Cetacea definitions. Repaired about a dozen pages with corrupted images due to obscure bug at ISP server machine.

September 19-27, 2000. Extremely busy. Added Day Three and Day Four narratives to Rendezvous. Added 19th Cetacea Page. Revised Forum software to include Rendezvous links in NAV headers. Revised "motto" on the top page. Added section on Rendezvous to top page. Posted additional photographs to Rendezvous section.

September 12, 2000. Added Day Two narrative to Rendezvous. Also revised Day One a bit.

September 08, 2000. Added long narrative of Day One to the Rendezvous section.

September 06, 2000. Added 18th page to Cetacea.

August 15, 2000. Revised Rendezvous section.

August 8,200. Added 17th page to Cetacea.

July 20, 2000. Finally got a chance to add the 16th page of pictures to Cetacea.

July 17, 2000. Added info on float-on trailers and Stoltz rollers to article on trailer rigging.

July 04, 2000. Revised articles on towing and trailer rigging.

July 01, 2000. Revised 16-17 foot section to add Currituck photograph, changed some captions, other minor corrections. Added new article to Reference on Launch Ramp Physics.

June 29, 2000. New Cetacea Photographs, the 15th in the series!

June 23, 2000. Revised Reference section on 16-17 foot hull to make numerous corrections and expansions suggested by Larry Goltz.

June 21, 2000. Added 14th page to Cetacea with doctored photographs of WHALERNUT--quite funny if I do say so myself.

June 13, 2000. Added 13th page to Cetacea.

June 06, 2000. Added twelth page to Cetacea.

June 01, 2000. Added interview with John Flook in Radio. Added Rendezvous section.

May 30, 2000. Added eleventh page to Cetacea. Revised Forums, adding new "Neo-Classic" forum, changed "Radio Follow-up" to "Cetacea Comments" forum. Added link to new FORUM from CETACEA page. Added article on Rub Rails. Added special Memorial Day dedication to run all week. Fixed some dead links in RADIO.

May 23-24, 2000. Added tenth page to Cetacea. Added 17-foot hull wood diagram after massive touch up in PhotoShop.

May 18, 2000. Added article on buying guidelines to Reference.

May 15, 2000. Added article on trailers to Reference.

May 14, 2000. Added 9th page to Cetacea.

May 10, 2000: Restructured site, adding Reference section and moving hull info there. Had to rework Forum cgi-bins, too. Glad I did this now before the site got any more complex! Added .htaccess redirect to accomodate links to old areas. Discovered hierarchy of .htaccess file statements, too. Cool!

May 6-8, 2000: Added eighth page to Cetacea. Added new photos in "15" section. Added photo to 13 Testimonials.

April 30, 2000: Added seventh page to Cetacea. Aiming for one-week rotation.

April 29, 2000: Add interview with Dawson Farber of Nauset Marine. Added PLAYLIST ability to all multi-part interviews.

April 22-24, 2000: Added sixth page to Cetacea. Changed forum default to "100 days". Changed "seats.html" to "models.html". Changed TITLE of most pages to include "Boston Whaler" to improve performance with search engines that focus on TITLE contents. Added Guidelines article for Cetacea Photos. Added 16 wood locating diagram.

April 20, 2000: Added 13 wood locating diagram. Fixed Y2K problem with textcounter. More changes to 13 section.

April 17, 2000: Revised 13-foot section to account for 1971 hull changes suggested by LHG.

April 15, 2000: Added fifth page of photos to Cetacea. Added virtual-include to simplify the Nav bar updates in this area.

April 14, 2000: Threw out the frameset and hacked up the cgi-bin PERL script.

April 13, 2000: Revised Forum so it resides in a frameset.

April 10. 2000: Added fourth page of photos to Cetacea.

April 5, 2000: Added a third page of photos to Cetacea.

April 4, 2000: Jim Watson interview added to Whaler-Radio.

April 2, 2000: Added new Whaler-Radio Forum, and links from each interview to respective forum topic/thread.

March 26-27, 2000: Added more photos to Cetacea. There are now two pages.

March 25, 2000: Re-cut the Jamie Mills interview into 3-pieces. Added their logo to the page.

March 23, 2000: Added Parts 1,2 of interview with Jamie Mills to Whaler Radio.

March 19, 2000: Reduced the size of the MP3 files in "Whaler-Radio" to improve download times. All MP3 files are now 32 kb/sec bitrate. Added testimonial in 16-17 section. Redirected HELP in link in Whaler-Radio.

March 18, 2000: Changed "whalers" to "whaler" where possible to improve performance of the site with search engines looking for "Boston Whaler". Moved Whaler-Radio to its own directory. Over 260 postings in forums in a little over a month! That's about 10/day--Excellent!

March 13, 2000: Kicked off Whaler-Radio with a great interview with Dennis Walstrom.

March 12, 2000: Tweeked up the graphics in the Forum section. Not much new because we've been away for a week's vacation to sit on the beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.

March 8, 2000: Started the Whaler-Radio section. Tune in!

February 23, 2000: Added the Cetacea section.

February 12, 2000: Added a Forums section. See the link in the navigation bar above.

February 5, 2000: The 13-foot hull section added. General revision to entire site, many new photographs.

December,1 999: Added 16/17-foot hull section.

November, 1999: Site created with initial documentation limited to 15-foot hull.

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