AIS Receiver Round Up

by James W. Hebert

Below is an brief summary of AIS receivers currently available.

Dual Parallel Receivers

These dual-receiver AIS receivers receive both AIS channels simultaneously. Because of the nature of AIS transmissions, reception of both channels simultaneously insures the best possible collection of AIS data. In addition to providing two receivers which must operate independently without interference to each other on closely spaced channels, the units have to collect the data from each channel, buffer it, and output the data onto a single serial output.

Comar Systems

Milltech Marine



SeaCAS Collision Avoidance at Sea


Single Receiver Units

These AIS receivers receive both AIS channels but only one at a time. Because of the nature of AIS transmissions, in some circumstances these receivers may miss transmitted data or have to wait a significant amount of time to catch the next transmission.


Milltech Marine


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