Low-Emission 150-HP Outboard Price Comparison

by James W. Hebert

This article presents a table of specifications for low-emission outboard engines which will be in production in 2006 and available for sale in the United States rated at 150-horsepower. There are at least six different models from five different brands at 150-horsepower.

The table presents engines organized by manufacturer. Prices represent the "base" MSRP price of the least expensive model, and dealer published "deal" prices gathered on-line. It is not known if the prices are exactly comparable among all models. There are additional charges for necessary accessories like propellers, gauges, and remote controls. The two-stroke engines are 60° V6 designs; the four-stroke engines are in-line four cylinder models. These design conventions are likely a result of attempts to save weight in the four-stroke models. Displacement is given in liters. Weight is the "comparable" dry weight in pounds.


Compiled from Published Specifications
Evinrude E-TEC 150 $14,760 TBA 419 2.59 2-stroke DFI 57.9 2.79
Honda BF150 TBA $10,443 478 2.35 4-stroke EFI 63.7 3.19
Mercury Optimax 150 $11,950 $9,999 431 2.51 2-stroke DFI 59.8 2.87
Mercury Verado 150 $12,650 $10,695 510 1.73 4-stroke EFI Supercharged 86.7 3.4
Suzuki DF150 TBA TBA 465 2.87 4-stroke EFI 52.3 3.1
Yamaha F150 $13,140 $10,395 466 2.67 4-stroke EFI 56.2 3.1


There is almost a 90-pound variation in weight among these engines, from 419-pounds to 510-pounds. The largest engine, 2.87-liters, has an astonishing 65-percent more displacment than the smallest, 1.73-liters, which uses supercharging to produce more horsepower. Correspondingly, the horsepower per liter varies from a modest 52.3-HP/L to as much as 86.6-HP/L, again quite a range.

The MSRP prices are from manufacturer's price sheets or other published data sources. The DEAL pricing is from various published prices on websites as collected in December, 2005. Follow the hyperlink for more details.

There are more 150-HP low emission outboard engines available than the models shown in the table. In most cases there are additional models in different shaft lengths for each of the engines shown. Longer shafts, saltwater rating, and counter-rotation all add to the price.

The 150-HP outboard is the most popular individual horsepower model for most manufacturers with a full line of motors. In most cases the same engine is also sold in higher and lower horsepower models, generally as low as 135-HP and in some cases as high as 200-HP. The Yamaha F150 is the exception, as it is sold only in 150-HP models. As of April 2006, the Evinrude E-TEC 150 is just becoming available at dealers. The availability of the Suzuki DF150 as a loose engine is not known. All Verado engines are very difficult to source as loose engines. They are primarily sold as part of OEM boat and motor packages. Except for the OptiMax 150, all of these engines are fairly new models, generally having been introduced within the last year or two.

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