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The search submission form below will use the DuckDuckGo (DDG) website to search the contents of continuousWave (including all non-forum-based content) by keywords, with an option to limit the search to the contents of the New Forum or Old Forum, and further by limiting to a particular subforum of the Old Forum.

The New Forum can by also searched separately by using its own search engine, although the New Forum is also searched by the DDG search.

Define search area:
  All continuousWave content
       Limited to New Forum content
       Limited to Old Forum content
         Limited to THE GAM forum content
         Limited to MARKETPLACE forum content
         Limited to REPAIRS and MODS forum content
         Limited to PERFORMANCE forum content
         Limited to SMALL BOAT ELECTRICAL forum content
         Limited to TRIPS and RENDEZVOUS forum content
         Limited to POST-CLASSIC forum content
         Limited to CETACEA COMMENTS forum content

DuckDuckGo uses the search results of other search engines, principally BING.COM, and other non-Google search sites. DuckDuckGo does not produce any records or tracking of your searches. In that spirit, all advertising has been removed from this page.

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Author: James W. Hebert
This article first appeared Decmber 9, 2021.

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