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Author Topic:   Purchase advice - '77 Montauk
Ed Paquette posted 07-11-2000 10:48 AM ET (US)   Profile for Ed Paquette   Send Email to Ed Paquette  
What a great site!

I'm posting this here also, so more will see it -- hope this isn't a no-no...

Need help with possible purchase:

- '77 Montalk
- '92 Johnson 115hp
- Boat/motor/trailer in storage about 3 years
- Previous owner was military, had to move
- Norman (dealer) had new (white) gelcoat (or paint - not sure) done to interior
- All parts are present and in very good shape
- Hull is VERY clean - no scratches, no paint, etc.
- all wood (teak) is in very good shape, and is being restored
- all wiring is being redone
- seat cushion for flip seat recovered w/ marine vinyl (looks great)
- all stainless railings (bow, sides, center console) are in great shape
- motor is in decent (not perfect) shape, and will be tuned up w/ plugs, lower unit grease, etc.
- boat is very clean -- only thing I saw wrong were some spidering of the interior gelcoat
- he's putting a new tach in the console, too
- when he gets it done (but before he puts the railing on), he wants to take me for a test ride (in fact, he insisted that I have a test ride IN THE WATER no matter what/where I bought a boat-- "They all run on the hose." he says).

He's asking $6500 (after he's done - not as is).

So? Should I dicker? Is that about right? FWIW, the similar ones I've found on BoatTrader online are going for $1000-$3000 more. Should I be overly concerned about the spidering of the interior gel coat (not too bad, but visible on close inspection)? Again, the hull is VERY clean, and all the parts are original and in great shape.

He had the front hatch cover cleaned (stripped?) but not yet oiled when I was there, and it looked awesome. I can just imagine what the seatback will look like when cleaned up!

So, Whaler experts, what say you?

The alternative is a newer "inferior" boat such as a Carolina Skiff. Just wouldn't be the same, though.

Thanks, all!


dfmcintyre posted 07-11-2000 09:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for dfmcintyre  Send Email to dfmcintyre     
Ed -

Based on what you've said, I would think that she would go for that price real quick.... possibly 500 lower. Easy way to spot gelcoat vs paint in the inside is how visible is the antiskid pattern. If it's sharp, then it was painted; if it looks less pronounced (as opposed to a whalers deck that you _know_ is origional) it's been gelcoated.

What condition is the trailer?
Any canvas?
Was the seat cushion vinyl replaced with the same tan Whaler pleat w/ brown piping?
Aside from the tach, any other gauges?
You mentioned wiring... is it marine grade? (like Ancor... a brand name) or wire that was picked up at a hardware or Radio
Shack store.

Best - Don

Ed Paquette posted 07-11-2000 10:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ed Paquette  Send Email to Ed Paquette     

Thanks for the tips on the Gelcoat -- I'll check the skid pattern to see.

>> What condition is the trailer? <<

Fair. I might not take it anyway, as it will be on davits anyway (I'm sure he'd take off around $400-$500 to delete that).

>> Any canvas? <<

>> Was the seat cushion vinyl replaced with the same tan Whaler pleat w/ brown piping? <<

It looks close, but not 100% orig. Very good job on the seat, though.

>> Aside from the tach, any other gauges? <<

Dunno for sure, but I'll find out!

>> Radio? <<


>> You mentioned wiring... is it marine grade? (like Ancor... a brand name) or wire that was picked up at a hardware or Radio
Shack store. <<

Since Norman buys/restores/sells boats for a living (has been for MANY years), I'm confident it's marine grade, but I'll ask anyway <g>.

Thanks much for the advice!


masbama posted 07-17-2000 12:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
BUY IT! I bought a '77 montauk in 1993 with a OMC 115 for $4,000. Best buy I ever made. I have had the seat recovered, the railing "T's" replaced, a new trailer and a rebuilt engine (The 115 is too much engine-plus insurance companies won't touch it) Trade it for a 70-90hp.
Don't worry about the little nit-picky things these other posters mention-this is a 23 year old boat. If the hull is sound you are fine. Wiring and other things are easily and cheaply done. My boat is built like a brick house-would take it anywhere. I have been in new, non-whaler boats that have not felt near as safe as mine. My friend who found it for me told me something I'll always remember; "If you can buy the boat you want-DO IT!" You will always regret it if you don't. Imagine being in a Caolina Skiff getting all wet while watching a Montauk go by. It will get to you. The price is great-if you notice the want ads, they are not getting any cheaper. Let me know what you think!
whalernut posted 07-17-2000 10:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
Ed, Masbama is right. I waited a long time to find an old hull `16 Currituck 1973. I sold my 71` `13 Whaler Sport, and bought and sold a few other brand boats in between, because I had Whaler of the brain! I couldn`t get comfortable with the other boats. So go with you`re instincts, I think you will be so much happier with a Whaler you really want! Regards-JACK.
bigz posted 07-18-2000 05:40 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Guys Ed bought a Scout!
whalernut posted 07-18-2000 06:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
Ed, congratulations on buying you`re Scout boat. Please keep in touch with us and tell us more about these interesting boats. Send pictures, maybee Jim will put them on. I looked at the Scout site and like the deep-V models alot. If they are as good as you say they are and finished inside and out unlike Carolina Skiffs, then I may someday purchase one for offshore fishing. The Scout looks very Classic, and I like the square stransom, something Boston Whaler has gotten awy from on many of their models. I just hope Scout let`s the customer decide whether you want their engine or you can delete the engine or buy a bare hull, something else Brunswick Whaler has gotten away from! Keep us posted. Regards-JACK.
Ed Paquette posted 07-19-2000 08:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ed Paquette  Send Email to Ed Paquette     
Thanks Whalernut! Scouts are "finished" as good as a Whaler (in some areas, better)--really not even close to a Carolina Skiff. It is quite obvious to me (and many others) that BW was an influence (not unlike BW's infuence on Edgewater boats).

I'd be glad to send the pictures to Jim for posting, though I don't know that it would be "proper" to do so <g>.


David Reid posted 07-20-2000 01:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Reid  Send Email to David Reid     
I have a friend here locally whose 18' Scout split along the keel from stem to stern while they were out fishing in it! The boat was less than two years old and did not receive rough treatment, to the contrary. It did'nt sink completely out from under them but it did swamp, requiring a slow tow back to the landing. The company replaced the boat gratis pretty quickly, and the owner's had no problems since. But that immage will stay with those who know the story around here for a long time to come. BW may have some similar horror stories, but I have not heard any like this one. Maybe you can post those pics at the Scout or some other website and leave this one for us Whalerheads, OK?
Ed Paquette posted 07-20-2000 06:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ed Paquette  Send Email to Ed Paquette     

Wow, what a horror story. Obviously a defective hull (and hopefully VERY rare, indeed).

I wouldn't think to post Scout pics here! My reply to Whalernut was pure tongue-in-cheek! BTW, believe it or not, I AM a HUGE Whaler fan! Just couldn't afford the one that was right for us at this time. Maybe my next boat...

I'm sure there are rare stories like that out there for just about any boat. A friend of my brother's is trying to sell their 13' BW. Gonna need a 90 to move it though, since it weighs about 2000 lbs (at least) with all the water that's trapped in it. Point being, you just gotta check for damage periodically to avoid something irreversable later on.

Be careful out there,


lhg posted 07-21-2000 07:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Things are getting a little thick around here. Let's see, a 13' Classic Whaler, which new weighs around 350lb. max, that weighs 2000lbs? Don't think so! That's about 1650lbs of water, and at 8 pounds per gallon, is about 206 gallons, or 41 five gallon buckets worth. There is simply no way that the space between the two hulls could hold anywhere near that volume of water!!
Tom Byrum posted 07-22-2000 12:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
Hey Ed
Let me know when you get that Scout site up and running and I will come visit and tell you about a thousand reasons why I didnt buy a Scout.
jimh posted 07-22-2000 01:13 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
If someone will send the picture of the Scout that split into two halves along the keel centerline I would be glad to post it. <grin>

I don't think any other boat will ever have the impact on a generation (or two) of boaters that the Boston Whaler did in the 1960's. It was that early imprinting of the boat unto all our psyches that drives the fanatical interest in it now.

Scout makes a nice boat, but can you get 250,000 hits-per-month on a Scout website?

Probably not.

--Jim Hebert

Ed Paquette posted 07-23-2000 12:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for Ed Paquette  Send Email to Ed Paquette     
Like I said before, you guys are a great group, and if you don't know it yet, are all very fortunate to have this great site to "hang out" in. I can honestly say that I wish I could have bought a Whaler this time around, but I did the best I could for our needs (admittedly, modest).

I didn't buy the Scout because it's better than a similar Whaler (it's not); but I think it will be a great bayou/bay boat for us. And no, the 13' Whaler doesn't weigh 2000 lbs -- just trying to make a point as to what can happen to ANY boat that's not looked after.

I am looking forward to returning here someday, with "better" news!

Thanks again, everyone!



bigz posted 07-23-2000 08:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Uh! Larry to "thick" I don't think so -- maybe to serious is more like it!

Ed's point is well taken on maintenance -- and I wish him the best of luck with his new Scout.

Dave did the company explain what happened to cause this accident to your friend's boat?

JimH wouldn't think posting photos of other boat companies problems is very cool --- I am sure Whaler has made there mistakes too, you don't produce thousands of boats over the years without them. This forum I thought was above that kind of thing.

TomB you had every opportunity to voice your reasons when Ed was asking for help in deciding on what boat to purchase you didn't need a separate site to do so ---

Ed came here seeking advice which he received plenty and he made his choice --- it was his choice for his reasons and he was a gentleman about it --- thanking those who helped ----


Clark Roberts posted 07-23-2000 09:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for Clark Roberts  Send Email to Clark Roberts     
I second Tom's (BigZ) and Larry's comments! I have followed this thread with amusement and noticed a dicided decline in information and objectivity... hey, this old "mullet eater" is hard to fool... comments and opinions are what a forum is all about, however, and "Lord Knows" I have mine. I'd like to make a point here,,,, for most of us Whaler Heads, it's not brand loyalty but a passion. I love all Whalers ( I should know 'cause I've owned two 15' Mischiefs) and
I love outboard motors... all makes period. I run mostly Mercs but also have a Yamaha and two Johnsons... might say that I like to play the field, heh, heh,, But not with my boats... only Whalers... I have been fooled before... like I said, it's a passion! As always, Happy Whalin'... Clark... Spruce Creek Navy
Tom Byrum posted 07-23-2000 05:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
Sorry Tom
Your right. I think me, Larry,David,and maybe Jim were trying to politely remind him that this is a Whaler Forum not a Scout Forum. You gotta admit he was starting to babble.
Tom B
bigz posted 07-24-2000 07:13 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Tom no need to apologize --- just remember we all get very excited when we get a new toy - so I think a little "babble" ain't going to do much to disrupt this forum even though it wasn't a Whale's Tail --- chuckle

Oh by the way just bought a 1968 deep V Larson -- maybe Jim will post photos --- heh heh -- well the trashed boat sort of came along with a very nice Cox Trailer which will be used for our 13 --- anyone want to buy a used Larson 16 = the hull is sound ha ha !!
Tom Z

masbama posted 07-26-2000 09:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for masbama  Send Email to masbama     
ED- Enjoy your Scout. Never liked them personally; sides too low in back. Keep it a long time; re-sale is not good!
Ed Paquette posted 07-29-2000 10:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ed Paquette  Send Email to Ed Paquette     
That's the amazing (and fantastic for all owners) thing about Whalers--they hold their value better than any other boat! People (the unwashed masses, that is) often say they're "overpriced", but actually, the TCO is LOWER than most boats, thanks to their resale. Never really know how much the boat cost ya 'till ya sell it, right? Of course, since nobody ever gets rid of them... they never get to find out... <g>.

Scouts do better than most boats (in same class, i.e. the "mid-range": HydraSport, Key West, a few others). I think right now the only other small boats that can compete with Whaler on the resale meter are maybe EdgeWaters (gee, wonder why <g>).

I don't think (never say never) I'd buy a brand new "mid-range" anything, but I'd probably buy a new Whaler or EdgeWater, as you don't take a bath when you drive off the lot with it. Not only are they better in many (most) ways, they're CHEAPER in the long run. (Again, the cost of any boat is not determined until you've sold it). I have always known this, and look forward to experiencing it myself one day.



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