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Author Topic:   Evinrude 225 FICHT info needed
Ray posted 05-19-2002 10:26 PM ET (US)   Profile for Ray   Send Email to Ray  
Looking at a 1999 Evinrude FICHT engine supposedly pampered for a season and wondering if it is salvagable. I know all about the bad design etc but if it is a deal can I convert it to carburation or do you have any other ideas other than using it for an anchor. Is this design fixable and usable as is or should I stay away from it?
Thanks for any advice.
ps, it will go on a 25 Revenge WT. By the way it is advertised as a good working engine with no reportable damage in its present condition.
lhg posted 05-20-2002 01:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Ray, in all seriousness, stay away from it, and I don't think it can be converted over to a conventional two stroke.
Everything I have heard indicates that the 99's were a disaster, really the year that broke OMC's back. You might want to get in touch with BigZ, who has a pair of these engines in a later year, and probably knows more about them than anybody else here. I think he has also indicated to stay away from this year.

To find out how the market feels about these, go to an outboard Delaership, any brand, and pretend that you have a 1999 225 Ficht you want to trade in on one of their new engines.
They'll all decline to take it.

PMUCCIOLO posted 05-20-2002 06:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for PMUCCIOLO    

I stronly suggest you look elsewhere for a motor. The Southern Boating article on FICHT technology will further explain this. I posted it some time ago. It is in either the January or February edition.


bigz posted 05-20-2002 08:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    

Yes, the '99 200 and 225 Fichts were troublesome and a lot of blown heads resulted. This was the major disaster caused both by inadequate oil and heavy carbon build up. Of course the well publicized fire potential problem from leaking injectors was a problem but that frankly only occurred in a handful of the engines (one was to many since it has been reveled that OMC management was aware of this potential and allowing them to be sold bordered on criminal negligence).

That said, if the engine in question has had the entire series of upgrades done (the owner or his servicing dealer should have a record of these so you can see the paper work they were actually done, just don't take the owners word) and has well over a 100 hours of use it might be fine. The first step is having a dealer hook up the computer and extract the current engine data. This will show what problems it had if any, amount of total hours run including the percent at various rpm levels. It also will diagnose any current problems it detects. The oil pump should be checked, the plugs pulled and checked for excessive carbon fowling. Have them run a compression check on the engine and to play it safe do a pressure check on the lower unit. My estimate at this point if all the above check out ok she is probably worth less than $5000.

Remember other than the new injection system and computer system control they are still basic two stroke outboards so what would apply to even a EFI or carb model in general applies to a Ficht for routine maintenance.

Our pair of 225hp 2000 Fichts which have had all upgrades done, they purr like kittens. No comparison to the loud smoky pair of 200hp carb Yamaha's we have on another boat which suck oil and gas like we own an oil refinery heh heh -----

On an ending note is that I can't give you a whole hearted recommendation that this engine won't be a problem but if all check out and the price is right you really might be getting a great engine which will last for a number of years at a bargain price. The early 2000 models had a few problems as mentioned, the 2001 and the 2002 are pretty much trouble free.

This link to an article published a non-biased view of the Ficht and OMC problems might give you some insight behind the negative US mags articles. [url][/url]

This one gives you a good overview of just how the Ficht system works


PS Larry thanks for the praise though like you and Clark R I like to know about what I own especially if I have to depend on it where there maybe no one else I can ---

bigz posted 05-20-2002 08:25 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
There that's better I hope

Don Fisher posted 05-20-2002 08:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for Don Fisher  Send Email to Don Fisher     
Ray - Here is one review I found for you:
Evinrude Boat Motor - Read Before Buying!
by hitekmastr | May 14 '01 (Updated Jul 02 '01)
Pros: Excellent fuel economy
Cons: Technology problems in 1998-99, product recall Spring 2001. Seems OK now.
The Bottom Line: The gas mileage is TERRIFIC and the engine purrs. New models should be more reliable, but be sure to get an extended warranty!
Recommended: Yes

I bought my Ficht with a Ranger bass boat in Spring 2000 and it failed in the first 5 hours and had to have the entire power head replaced. It worked fine the rest of the season and I got twice the gas mileage of my previous Johnson 175.

Ficht engines started failing massively in 1998 and by 1999 it was a $20 million disaster for OMC, which finally went bankrupt in 2000. The motor division was taken over by Bombardier, which has reinstated the company warranty - 2 years from purchase for 2000-2001 which is quite good considering the problems are inherited and not their fault.

This Spring (2001) there was a safety recall and I missed key bass tournaments two years in a row due to engine problems. I am constantly worried about getting stranded in an isolated area if the engine seizes up or breaks or (worst case) catches fire if the fuel injectors crack again.

Since writing my original epinion, I have received SUPERB customer service from Bombardier. One of the technicians there got me two fuel injectors when they were listed as "out" on the company's computerized inventory, and he air expressed them to my boat dealer which was really good service.

Today, my Ficht runs fine. It shows no signs of problems, and I have to admit, the fuel economy is incredible. I have two 26 gallon tanks in my Ranger and have NEVER used more than one tank since buying the boat, and I run everywhere from the Potomac to the 1000 Islands, a lot of "big water." So when gas prices went up this year I was GLAD I owned a Ficht from Evinrude.

Looking ahead, I am concerned about a "carbon buildup" problem reported in a major boating magazine, and this could mean cylinder problems in the future. I will update this if I have any more problems but right now, the motor is working fine. I would assume new engines will work okay.

Bottom line: Make sure you get a 5 year warranty when you buy this engine. That is a MUST.
Year Purchased: 2000
Amount Paid (US$): 9,000
Primary Environment of Use: Freshwater
Primary Location of Use: Large lakes and reservoirs
Primary Type of Use: Fishing
Length of Boat: 16-20 feet
Number of Hours Logged: 0-100 hours

Ray posted 05-20-2002 12:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ray  Send Email to Ray     
Thanks guys for the helpful info. I am an engineer turned preacher so I love the challenge but know that grace extends so far in situations like this. I am looking at this engine on for $6100. It appears that there will be other deals that may be safer such as a Merc optimax. I talked to these people and found out that it only comes with a 60 day warrenty which doesn't get you much. Will Bombadier sell extended warrenties on these older models? Also does anybody know anything about or
Thanks for you help,
bigz posted 05-20-2002 01:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
To answer your one question Ray -- NO Bombardier doesn't handle insurance for extended warranties! You would have to go through a dealer and an independent insurance company for an extended warranty and frankly not sure if any will write or offer one on the older Fichts if they do the price just isn't worth it.

Since the engine isn't local I suggest you pass and keep looking, you'll find something I'm sure which will fill your needs.

David Ratusnik posted 05-20-2002 02:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for David Ratusnik  Send Email to David Ratusnik     
Ray- A few random thoughts from a big Johnson/ev devotee. Stay away from the '99 Ev Ficht. The new Bomb 02 stuff is doing just fine (spoke with my top flight mechanic this a.m.). Also, according to him the 03 Bomb 225's are going to be even further improved/refined. If you are going to repower and try to keep costs way down, pick up a mid 90's Johnson with 6 healthy carbs. Run forever-inexpensive fixes. My .03 Good luck David
Ray posted 05-20-2002 03:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for Ray  Send Email to Ray     
Once again, thanks guys, I really appreciate your taking the time to respone.
hardensheetmetal posted 05-20-2002 03:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

I purchassed a boat witha 1999 90 Ficht motor last year. I realize this is a different motor than yours, but still a Ficht. I have had no problems with mine and I was able to purchae a two year after market warrantee for $750.00, but this was only available through a boat dealer.


seasicknes posted 05-20-2002 07:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for seasicknes    
1999 - ficht 200 hp.
I got one of those on my 2250 wa Hydrasport.
Got 800+ hours on it, I put "Carbon Free" in the gas. Plus, have all updates. I run the boat Hard. So far so good.


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