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Author Topic:   Water in the hull
tomroe posted 03-31-2003 05:12 PM ET (US)   Profile for tomroe   Send Email to tomroe  
I have a 1976 20' Outrage. There is a 3" space on the forward part of the keel that must have scraped on a rock last year. Apparantly water entered the hull as it is slowly dripping out now that the boat is out of the water. In the forward storage space there are two drain plugs, one that goes down through the hull to the outside and one that goes in the aft of the storage space. I am unclear what this is for, I pulled it and had water come out but when I stuck my finger in there was just foam (wet foam) it didn't appear to go anywhere. I am not sure if finding water in both places is connected somehow. Anyway, I have read other 'water in the hull' postings and think the best thing is to suck the water out with a shop vac and repair the scrape in the keel. I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing and am confused about the second drain plug that goes nowhere. Thanks
tomroe posted 04-06-2003 09:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for tomroe  Send Email to tomroe     
Well, I'm new here...I got great replies on the question from my other post, but nothing on this one. Not sure if it was worded poorly, dumb question, or I just stumped everybody (doubt it). I really would like to know what the second drain plug is for in the front storage area in the hull. It faces aft and is about 1 foot from the bottom of the storage area. Is this original or did some previous owner do this? Any help would be appreciated.
Bigshot posted 04-07-2003 09:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
I am confused because Whaler never made a 20' outrage in 1976. What is the storage area, the front anchor locker?
JaySul posted 04-07-2003 01:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for JaySul  Send Email to JaySul     
Tom, I have a 1978 V-20 Outrage and have the same question about the mystery drain hole. In my bow locker I have a drain tube and the other hole of the same diameter that opens to exposed foam. I have never been able t figure this one out or seen an answer posted on this one.
mustang7nh posted 04-07-2003 06:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for mustang7nh  Send Email to mustang7nh     
I had a 1978 OR20 but sold it about ten years ago and can't remember the mystery drain plug.

In terms of the water in the hull, I would use your common sense to dry it out as recommended. If the boat performs fine I wouldn't loose sleep over it. My hunch is that there are some Whalers out there for some reason or another that have become sea sponges and get the hype. I think the "fear" of water in the hull to the point of performance degradation is exaggerated.

I don't know if there is a major error in my logic but I estimate that on a 20 foot hull there is between 60-80 cubic feet of foam. I'm going to estimate that a gallon of water is 3/4 of a cubic foot volume. Potential is 360 to 540 extra pounds if entire boat, above water line etc sucks up maximum water. Me and two guys are 540 pounds on board. I'm not suggesting the weight effect on the hull are the same, but I think the chances of a "major" hull water problem are very slim even when the fiberglass integrity has been compromised. Of course my equation could be way off. Best of luck.

gvisko posted 04-07-2003 07:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for gvisko  Send Email to gvisko     
I have that same hole in my front
locker on my 83 18' outrage . what is it for?
I stuck a plug in it for now . gvisko
tomroe posted 04-07-2003 08:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for tomroe  Send Email to tomroe     
You caught my typo, it's a 1978 V-20 Outrage. Yes, I'm referring to the forward anchor locker. I'm not overly concerned about the water, I would like it all out before I glass the keel but realize that is not likely. So I'll let it dry as much as I can. I've drilled small holes by the damage in the keel, removed the drain tube to expose the foam and have shop vac'd every orifice I can find. Not much else to do as it is snowing as I write this. The boat seems to sit OK in the water and pushes 50, so I don't think there is too much of a problem with weight. Anyway I'm still curious about the other drain plug. Glad to hear there are other whalers with the same plug.
doobee posted 04-07-2003 08:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for doobee  Send Email to doobee     
This is just a guess. Could the mystery hole be a drain to the fuel tank cavity? The foam you are seeing could be the foam around the tank. From the fuel tank cavity water would drain to the aft sump/baitwell, thereby eliminating the need for a forward bilge pump.

I don't remember Whaler doing this, so I suspect it is an aftermarket idea. Does the hole have a brass drain tube?

Sal DiMercurio posted 04-08-2003 12:17 AM ET (US)     Profile for Sal DiMercurio  Send Email to Sal DiMercurio     
I have the same hole in my 79 V-20.
It's to high for a drain of any kind, & no, theres no brass gromet, just a hole.
That forward compartment is a fish hold, you can either leave the through hull plug in & keep it dry, or do as I do & leave the plug out as it acts as ballast when coming out of the hole & drains in about 1 minute while underway.
While fishing in warm weather, it's a good idea to keep your catch in that flooded compartment, even though it drains out after getting on plane, it keeps your fish fresh instead of drying out.
tomroe posted 04-08-2003 09:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for tomroe  Send Email to tomroe     

Never thought about leaving the plug out for ballast, I'll give it a try. If you keep your fish up there, where do you keep your anchor?

Sal DiMercurio posted 04-08-2003 11:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for Sal DiMercurio  Send Email to Sal DiMercurio     
Theres another lift door in front of the fish hold for the anchor, right at the very nose [ bow ] of the boat.
That door opens from bow to stern, the fish hold opens from both sides with long hinges in the middle.
By leaving that plug out of the fish hold, it floods about 18" deep & problay about 50 lbs of water, it really gets the bow dowb quick coming out of the hole, even at 3,500 rpms coming out.
After 45 seconds to a minute it's dry & nice & light.
If you feel you need a little weight in the bow, flood it & put the plug in & go from there.

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