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Author Topic:   Florida-bound Nightmare
k joseph posted 10-22-2002 08:45 PM ET (US)   Profile for k joseph   Send Email to k joseph  
well i got off to a good start until i blew my trans on the nj turrnpike in wonnderful historic carneys point nj...$2300 two hours later i lost an entire lefft rear hubb assembly ( witth brand new tiire and rim) so now i'm holld up in riverside md awaiting a morning appt with tims trailer ( i have to only laugh at how i can loose an entiire wheel assembly) oh well
no i'm not intoxicated (yet) pretty close though..but if anyone has ever tried to type a msg on one off these motel web tv things the will understand.this post took 20 minuutes ..
keltonkrew posted 10-22-2002 10:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for keltonkrew  Send Email to keltonkrew     
Man, I feel for ya!

I tow a travel trailer and I'm always paranoid about my bearings!

I have trans temp guages, coolers, by-pass filters, etc on my F350 PSD 4x4.

My whaler trailer's axle was toast! I just replaced the springs, hangers, axle, hubs, etc this friday. I put the turbolube (oil bath) hubs on. No packing bearings. Just change the oil ever 40,000 miles!

Cost me $200 and 2 hours time. I know you're on the road and at the mercy of the shops, so good luck. Hopefully you'll make it to Fl without other problems!

k joseph posted 10-23-2002 04:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for k joseph  Send Email to k joseph     
the kick in the butt here is that i just had new tires and rims and the beariings checked in maine..
whalerron posted 10-23-2002 08:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for whalerron  Send Email to whalerron     
You lost the hub and wheel right after having everything serviced? Hmmm. It sounds to me like your mechanic forgot to use a cotter key when he was done.
Jerry Townsend posted 10-23-2002 11:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for Jerry Townsend  Send Email to Jerry Townsend     
Or were not properly packed with grease or were too tight. In view of the wheel/hub experience, I hope the other wheels were checked. ------ Jerry/Idaho
whalerron posted 10-23-2002 02:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalerron  Send Email to whalerron     
keltonkrew - I hope you litmus test the antifreeze in that PSD once a year...
keltonkrew posted 10-23-2002 02:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for keltonkrew  Send Email to keltonkrew     
I test coolant every oil change. I run Fleetguard ES Compleat, add FW-15 as required.

I do extensive maintenance on this truck. This is my second diesel. Other one was 15 years old and was still strong when I sold it. I now have 83,000 miles on this one in 3 years (1/2 towing) and have never had a problem.

I run oil by-pass filters, tranny by-pass, synthetics in tranny, x-fer case, but diffs and Shell Rotella T for oil. Change every 3.000 miles and rotate tires.

If you're only testing coolant once a year, you really need to increase your testing intervals as the additive can go out pretty quickly.

Oops, we're supposed to be talking about whalers--------My truck pulls my whaler (now we're in compliance)

11 footer posted 10-23-2002 05:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for 11 footer  Send Email to 11 footer     
Nothing worse then trailer prolbems,
About 2 weeks ago pulling my 11 down the high way the extra slack on the strap came undone and raped around the wheel and locked it up. At the time we were in the far left lane doing about 75-80mph. By the time my dad pulled the truck over the tire had a flat spot like you would not beleave.


Hobie1981 posted 10-23-2002 05:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for Hobie1981  Send Email to Hobie1981     
Nothing worse than trailer troubles. I enjoyed numerous adventures with my dad trailering back in the late sixties.

Thank-god for buddy bearings.


2" snow here in So. Cowhampshire this morning.

jimh posted 10-24-2002 12:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Anyone who drive 75-80 MPH while towing a boat trailer deserves any problem he encounters. You are fortunate you did not kill someone with your excessive speed.
whalersman posted 10-24-2002 02:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalersman  Send Email to whalersman     
I just got back from a trip to Idaho a few weeks ago towing my Outrage 18. The speed limit through most of Idaho is 75 MPH, this includes Autos towing trailers. I had several vehicles passing me towing 22' to 25' boats. They were all doing 75 MPH... I just could not get up enough nerve to drive that fast. Sometimes I did get up to 70 though.

Here in California, the speed limit for an Auto pulling a trailer is 55 MPH, PERIOD..
Now I feel that is a little slow and still have never understood why that law is in effect. This includes any vehicle even pulling a small empty trailer. The majority of states do not have a special Speed Limit for Autos pulling trailers. (Yes, I know, some do just like CA.) I still can't see 55 MPH pulling my boat or any trailer for that matter unless the trailer (and boat) is really big and heavy..... I know, braking and stopping is more of a problem if you are going fast, but at 55 MPH, it seems like you can get out and clean the bugs off your windshield because you are going so slow....

kingfish posted 10-24-2002 02:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
I take the fifth-
keltonkrew posted 10-24-2002 02:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for keltonkrew  Send Email to keltonkrew     
you also become a road hazzard. If you're moving 55mph and everyone else is doing 70+, you're an obstacle and someone will eventually hit the slower moving vehicle.

I tow my Travel Trailer about 65-70, depending on road conditions, traffic, etc. I try to stay with the flow. When I tow my boat same thing.

Bigshot posted 10-24-2002 03:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
I will NOT tow in overdrive. So therefore I am limited to about 60-65mph if I want to maintain about a 2700rpm tow. Even in flat Florida, if I go into 5th she is not a happy camper with the montauk behind it.
keltonkrew posted 10-24-2002 03:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for keltonkrew  Send Email to keltonkrew     
I tow in OD (unless my truck starts "hunting" i.e. going between OD and 3rd. This is pulling a 7000lb travel trailer.

My truck is a ford Powerstroke, 4x4, F350 so it is setup for this. Owners manual recommends towing in OD unless hunting. I have guages, filters, etc to keep my tranny cool and clean. If you drive a smaller truck (1/2 ton) I wouldn't use OD either. Easy way to burn up a tranny.

With OD, I can tow 70mph (with trailer) at about 2100 rpms. (diesel)

newt posted 10-24-2002 03:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for newt  Send Email to newt     
I'll take the fifth with Kingfish.

Kelton, your logic is right on - especially when on a motorcycle. As the most vulnerable vehical on the road, only having to worry about what's in front of you is plus.

Cops dont get it though...

newt posted 10-24-2002 03:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for newt  Send Email to newt     
11, your tow strap raped the wheel? Kinky.
11 footer posted 10-24-2002 05:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for 11 footer  Send Email to 11 footer     
It was the strap that grads the trailer on both sides and go's over the boat. Tow vehical is a 2002 dodge ram 2500. The boat is only a small 11'. the strap is to long and I get the extra slack and tie it around a rod holder, this time around I did not tie it as tite as normal.

We have a 1976 chevy pickup that was cut in half and turned into a trailer, Going to and from maine the cruse is around 80 the hole way. neaver had a prolbem that thing tows like a dream, But our Landscaping trailer.... well we are luckey to go over 60 pulling that sail, and the over drive must be off.


where2 posted 10-24-2002 06:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for where2  Send Email to where2     
Here I am in Florida, and on my way to work this morning I see a poor owner of a non-whaler parked beside the road. Either the Focus with the severe front end damage clipped his trailer axle, and broke the springs and axle out from under the trailer, or his springs broke and the combination of springs and axle pulled out from under the trailer by itself then clipped the Ford Focus. Either way, the Focus needed a body-man in a major way! Fortunately, the boat and trailer remained upright and came to rest beside the road. I'm not sure what he'll do from there though. How do you get the trailer off the ball without an axle to pivot on? You gotta pick it off the ball to drag it up on a flat-bed tow truck...

I'm sure the boat owner was thinking it would bave been less painful to work today!

jimh posted 10-24-2002 11:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
As I was babying my 7-year old C1500 Suburban (7000# tow rating) up the eastern slope of the Allegheny Mountains last week, dragging 5000# of Whaler uphill with the transmission in "3" and keeping the throttle pressure light to hold the torque convertor in lock-up mode, a guy roared by me with a big boat trailer, ascending the 5% grade at about 75 MPH.

I thought to myself, "Now there goes a guy with a leased SUV."

keltonkrew posted 10-25-2002 06:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for keltonkrew  Send Email to keltonkrew     
You can do it if you have the right tow vehicle for the load being pulled.

With proper equipment, guages, etc to monitor conditions, you can do that without harming your truck.

If he had a lightduty suv, he's a fool. For a C1500 surburban, you did the right thing. Keep that tranny cool and it will last a long time. Get it too hot and you'll pass him on the road while he is waiting on the wrecker!

JohnAz posted 10-25-2002 10:02 AM ET (US)     Profile for JohnAz  Send Email to JohnAz     
Here in Arizona [115deg temps] I pull my boats with a 1982 Chevy LUV, 4cyl, 4wd, and never have a heating problem, I do have to pull hills in 3rd gear. I know my truck is too small for the larger boats, but no mater how slick the ramp is it pulls them out, and doesn't have a problem "panic" stoping,,
13ft whaler
18ft Maxum I/O
20ft Center Console, 2 ,,40hp OMC
Bill C posted 10-25-2002 10:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bill C  Send Email to Bill C     
I regularly tow the 15BW at 70mph with a Ford Ranger auto with a small six. Overdrive is OK even with a larger load (3000+ lbs.)back there as long as as there is no hill climbing. Here in west central Florida that doesn't exist. Up and down bridges such as the Sunshine Skyway am out of overdrive going up to save the transmission and coming down for safety reasons as overdrive is pretty much free wheeling and won't help slow you down. If you don't have a transmission cooler on your tow vehicle get one. Inexpensive to install and cheaper than another tranny. Common sense on the water and the road. Freshly packed and properly adjusted wheel bearings will go many thousands of miles without maintenance. I do check mine fairly regularly because of the salt water.
11 footer posted 10-25-2002 07:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for 11 footer  Send Email to 11 footer     
We even oull the 11' sport up around 70mph in overdrive with a 1988 ford crown vic with 280,000 miles on it. Now the 25' check mate only see's that back of the dodge ram and has neaver been over 70mph, on the road that is! !!


jimh posted 10-26-2002 01:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
k joseph--have you made it to Florida yet?

We just finished about 2,000 miles of trailering. Those eastern mountains convinced me I need a bigger transmission cooler.

Also, we had all the bearings checked and re-greased just before leaving. They all ran ice-cold the whole trip.

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