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The Old Forum

The old forum was operated for almost 15 years on continuousWave, from February 12, 2001 until September 21, 2015. This forum has been closed, but all of its contents remain available for viewing. There is an enormous amount of information contained in the old forum postings. To help in locating this information, I have generated some static indexes of the forum postings that go back roughly two years, to October 2013. Postings earlier than that are still available, but must be located by searching. Searching the forum archives can be done with the search method below.

Please note that the articles from the old forum will contain many dead or inoperative links related to forum navigation. If you encounter a 404-Not Found result from a hyperlink, you most likely tried to navigate within the old forum. This is no longer possible. Old forum articles are available only by direct linking to them, not by forum navigation. You can locate forum threads that are not more than two years old by the static indexes below. You can also locate forum threads by the search method below.

The following static Index will lead to further indexes of the individual forums, which were current for articles from the last day of operation of the old forums to articles not more than two years old:

Search the Old Forum or All-Website

To search the Old Forum or other older content, please use the newly update continuousWave Search page.

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Author: James W. Hebert
This article first appeared October 9, 2015.

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