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This is a reproduction in HTML of the owner's manual provided by Boston Whaler with their 18-25 foot hulls c.1988. A number of corrections for spelling and style have been made from the original text. Illustrations and captions are included although their position relative to the text may be changed slightly.

Boston Whaler

Owners Manual
for 18 foot — 25 foot Models


Congratulations! You have just taken delivery of a boat of exceptional quality. Since 1958 Boston Whaler has been designing and manufacturing safe, fuel efficient, stable boats for virtually every marine use. All Boston Whaler boats are built to the same uncompromising standards as the one you now own and are being used throughout the world for sport fishing, pleasure-cruising, Coast Guard Rescue, Fire Boats, Patrol Boats for the Army and Navy, Commercial Workboats, Airport Rescue, resort rentals and on and on.

As you cruise the waters, you'll undoubtedly see many other discriminating Boston Whaler owners. A tip of your cap and a hearty wave are the signal that you're part of the Boston Whaler family.

Before you take your first cruise or head for the lurking fish at your favorite fishing spot, take time to read this manual and get fully acquainted with your new boat. We've designed this manual to help you understand the operation and features of your boat. While no manual can anticipate every possible question or situation, we've tried to answer most questions likely to arise. Your dealer is an important link in preparing your boat for delivery and providing local service for all your boating needs. Consult him first should any questions arise.

This manual does not go into all aspects of safe boating or various State and Federal regulations. Included in your owner's package is a U.S. Coast Guard pamphlet explaining some basic regulations and safe boating practices. Being a knowledgeable and safe boater will increase your enjoyment. Contact your local Power Squadron, U.S. Coast Guard, or the Bureau that registers your boat for more information on your local boating regulations.

We're pleased you've chosen a Boston Whaler and we wish you many years of enjoyment on the water.


Customer Service.

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