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This section of began in 1999 and is an encyclopedia of information on both classic and contemporary Boston Whaler boats and on Marine Electronics and Electrical. There are seven main sections.

More details about these sections are provided below.

Recent Additions:

What is a Boston Whaler?

A Boston Whaler boat is the best recreational boat ever produced. In production for over 50 years, the unique Boston Whaler boat has attracted an intensely loyal group of owners and fans. The "classic" Boston Whaler boat is any of the many boats descended from the original Boston Whaler style hulls offered from 1958 to present. Read the story of how the original Whaler hull was conceived and developed. The "post classic" Boston Whaler boat retains the high quality and most of the unique construction technique of the originals, but uses a number of new and different hull forms.

The New Forum

The continuousWave Forum provides an on-going and timely source of information on Boston Whaler boats—new and old—by active and informed owners and operators of Boston Whaler boats, and on topics of marine electronics and electrical, particularly for smaller boats. It replaced the The Old Forum in October 2015.

The Old Forum

The Old Forum is no longer in operation, but its entire contents dating back to February 2000 have been archived and are still available for reference.


Information on Boston Whaler boats and Marine Electronics and Electrical topics is collected and organized in the Reference section. This documentation of is a work in progress. New information is continually being added. There is also extensive information about outboard engines.


Photographs of various Boston Whaler boats in their native habitat, often in a mock-zoological style, are collected in Cetacea.

Whaler Radio

An oral history of the Boston Whaler boats is presented in Whaler Radio, a unique audio-content feature. Although this feature predates the term podcast by several years, you may be more familiar with this content by that name.


A separate section devoted to planning, organizing, and documenting Boston Whaler Rendezvous.

Change History

The change history of the website.


Contribution of photographs (see guidelines), historical information, and first hand experiences with a Boston Whaler is welcomed! Please help this collection to grow by sending your information to


Comments about the site and suggestions for content are also welcome.

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