Whaler Rendezvous

This section of the website has not been fully developed. It contains only one lengthy description of a Whaler rendezvous event.

Classic Whaler Lake Huron North Channel Rendezvous 2000

The Classic Whaler North Channel Rendezvous 2000, held Friday, August 4, 2000 through Monday, August 7, 2000 was a great success, thanks especially to the hospitality of our wonderful hosts, John and Katie Flook. We had a long weekend of fun and friendship, non-stop yacking about Boston Whaler boats, and about three hundred miles of water under the keel of some of the Whalers. In spite of the rather remote location, ten boats and over thirty people joined us at various times. And everyone truly had fun!

Read the long narrative of the four-day event, which includes many fine photographs and detailed descriptions of all the boats involved.

San Francisco Boston Whaler Rendezvous 2001

Boston Whaler owners in northern California organized a very successful Rendezvous June 18-20, 2001 on the California Delta, a river system that drains the huge central valley of that state into the ocean. Too far for me to attend, correspondent Chuck Tribolet documented the event with his camera and this on-line narrative. (Click hyperlink above to jump to Chuck's page.)


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