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Classic Whaler North Channel Rendezvous 2000

The Narrative and Photographs

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The Classic Whaler North Channel Rendezvous 2000, held Friday, August 4th through Monday, August 7th, was a great success, thanks especially to the hospitality of our wonderful hosts, John and Katie Flook. We had a long weekend of fun and friendship, non-stop yacking about Boston Whaler boats, and about three hundred miles of water under the keel of some of the Whalers. In spite of the rather remote location, ten boats and over thirty people joined us at various times. And everyone truly had fun!

Here is the signature photograph of the event, taken as four separate images and composited into this panoramic view:

[Photo: Composite from four images: Dock at Neptune Island
Neptune Island Sunday Morning, August 6, 2000
The "Camp Boat", Bruce Boehle's Nauset 16, John Flook's Montauk 17, Larry Goltz's 18 Outrage, Steve Farnsworth's 21 Walk-Around, Jim Gibson's 19 Outrage-II, John Flook's 22 Outrage, Larry Goltz's 25 Outrage, Tom Birdsey's 18 Outrage.
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For your enjoyment, I offer this narrative and photographic account of the Rendezvous and what went on:


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