Contact former participant JINFUN

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Contact former participant JINFUN

Postby stubaird » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:50 pm

I'm the current owner of a 1972 Outrage 19, number 563 I believe. This boat started life as a sterndrive-powered boat, and it was converted to an outboard with NISSAN 90-HP on a setback jack plate in c.2006.

In the old forums here there are some posts about what is now my boat. The conversion was done by somebody with the username of jinfun who seemed to be from Caledon, Ontario and had a place up on Georgian Bay.

If jinfun is still around I would love to ask some questions or see some pictures from during the work. I bought my boat from the guy that bought it from jinfun.


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Re: Contact former participant JINFUN

Postby jimh » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:06 pm

If the work was done in c.2006, I don't know if the fellow you seek is still 12-years-later a participant on the website. I don't see any present participants with a user-id of JINFUN.

If you can find the intermediate owner, perhaps he has contact information for the fellow he bought the boat from.

The person with user-id Jinfun posted at

Note that Jinsun comments he has Outrage 21 hull number 185. He also posts on a thread about 19 OUTRAGE conversion to outboard from stern drive.