Seat Back Rests in SPORT and SUPER SPORT

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Seat Back Rests in SPORT and SUPER SPORT

Postby Xto1818 » Thu May 06, 2021 10:14 am

Q1: Did the SPORT model NOT have a back rest?

Q2: Did the SUPER SPORT model have a back rest?

Q3: where are plans for building a back rest available?

Q4: where are plans for adding a back rest available?

BACK STORY: I am new to the site. On May 5, 2021 I bought a 1969 Sport [possibly a SPORT 13, please always include the model length figures when mentioning a boat]. The 1969 Sport will be run in the 2021 season as-is. In the future I will make an outline of projects.


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Re: Seat Back Rests in SPORT and SUPER SPORT

Postby jimh » Thu May 06, 2021 12:18 pm

Chris--Welcome to the website. Before answering your questions, please note that your post revived a discussion on a different topic that had been dormant for four years. Please do not revive old topics about another boat and change the topic to your boat. The website maintains interesting content going back more than 20-years, so be sure to look at the dates of some prior discussions to see if they are currently active. I have separated your new post from the four-year-old thread. Now for some help with your questions:

For information about model variations in the 13-foot Boston Whaler models, please go to the REFERENCE section of the website.

The website has many resources other than a forum for discussion. The REFERENCE section contains long articles that have been well researched and illustrated.

To see information about the 13-foot models visit 13-foot hull section of the REFERENCE section. Here is a link:

A good way to become familiar with the contents of this website it to start at the top page:

Information specific to Boston Whaler boats is organized under a sub-section:

The WHALER section is further sub-divided. See the TABLE OF CONTENTS.

To learn what diagrams or drawing or sketches related to Boston Whaler boats available from the website at no cost, see the article on that topic in REFERENCE at

Drawings of Boston Whaler Components Available Online

I also recommend you read all the answers to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS at

With regard to the 13-foot hull and seat backs for the helm thwart seat:

The SPORT 13 came standard without any seat backs, but in some years there was an option to add a seat back rest to the SPORT 13 without having to change to the SUPER SPORT 13 model. The back rest would be supported by a tubular steel cross member, usually incorporated into the side railings. You can see this arrangement in the REFERENCE article illustrations.

A SUPER SPORT 13 always had a seat back rest at the helm seat, and also had a storage locker that was part of the back rest. The back rest was not supported by any tubular steel crossmember.