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Drawings of Boston Whaler Components Available Online

Update November 2009. It is unfortunate that a very large number of drawings which were formerly available have gone offline. Many of the websites which formerly provided the resources here have turned into dead links. If other resources become available, I will update the links as soon as I learn of them.

This is an index of drawings available for various models of Boston Whaler. The index lists the components shown by the drawing, the original provider of the drawing, the format of the drawing, and a hyperlink to the online source of the drawing. I have constructed this index because many readers had apparently not found the hyperlinks to many of these drawings which were embedded in the text of articles in the Reference Section. I hope that this presentation will make it easier to located the drawings that are available.

The original source of many of the drawings that contain the Boston Whaler title block was probably Chuck Bennett. Chuck is the Customer Service Manger at Boston Whaler, and for many years he has been extraordinary responsive to requests for OEM drawings of older Boston Whaler models, generally responding by email with attachments of a scanned drawing. The original factory drawings that appear on the continuousWave website have all been retouched to improve their presentation (i.e. to remove spurious material attributable to repeated copying, etc.) but are otherwise true copies of the originals as far as is known.

In almost all cases, the images of the Boston Whaler OEM drawings have been re-forwarded via email from the recipient who got them from Chuck Bennett. I have not tracked or recorded the precise path taken by these drawings as they travelled electronically from Boston Whaler to their current online locations, but I do extend my thanks to all who have contributed their electronic copies of these drawings.

As sometimes happens on the world wide web, some of the hosts previously providing some of these resources have disappeared. If anyone has any of these old Boston Whaler drawings, please contact me via email to arrange for hosting them here. I would be glad to restore these broken links and add new resources for all to share.


Accurate as of February, 2016
Boston Whaler Drawings Available Online
13-foot Wood Locating--All Models Boston Whaler PDF CW
13-foot Wood Locating Boston Whaler GIF CW
13-foot Wood Locating--Sourpuss Boston Whaler PDF CW
13-foot Wood Locating--13GLS and Anniversary Boston Whaler PDF CW
13-foot Canvas Installation Details Boston Whaler PDF CW
13-foot Interior Dimensions Boston Whaler JPEG CW
15-foot Wood Locating Boston Whaler JPEG CW
15-foot Aux Bracket Boston Whaler JPEG CW
16-foot Wood locating c.1962 Boston Whaler JPEG CW
16-foot Wood locating Rev. 1972 Boston Whaler JPEG CW
17-foot Wood locating Boston Whaler JPEG CW
18-foot Wood locating Boston Whaler JPEG CW
18-foot Fuel Tank Florida Marine Tanks PDF CW
21-foot Wood Locating Boston Whaler JPEG CW
21-foot Wood Locating, alternate Boston Whaler PNG CW
21-foot Wood Locating, alternate 2, clearer copy Boston Whaler PDF CW
21-foot Legend for above Boston Whaler PNG CW
21-foot Waterline Marking Boston Whaler PNG CW
Electrical Generic Wiring Pictorial Boston Whaler 15-GLS Owner Manual JPEG CW
Electrical Stern Light Installation Sue Lodel PDF CW
Morse Controls MT2 Exploded View Presumed Morse PDF CW
Neutral Safety Switch Boston Whaler JPEG CW

Excellent electronic drawings of the SAKONNET console and seat are available for purchase from Ward Grafton, the draftsman who made them.

There were many drawings in the list above that were being hosted by other web resources, but unfortunately many of those links are now dead links. I have removed those drawings from the listing. Wood locating diagrams for just about every Boston Whaler boat model are still available from Boston Whaler customer service. They will email a scan of their older drawings on request.

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