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Author Topic:   1996 Outrage 19 Auxiliary Engine
Pescado posted 02-12-2015 01:10 PM ET (US)   Profile for Pescado   Send Email to Pescado  
Hi to all members. First time poster. I am about to purchase a 1996 Outrage 19 for fishing here in British Columbia, Canada. I have been looking for this hull for a while and am excited about finding this one with low hours. It comes with a 1996 Mercury V6 150 Offshore with low hours--claims 350 hours. I am hoping to keep that engine going for a few years and am planing to do my trolling with a Yamaha F8 kicker which I will have to purchase and mount. I am thinking of going with the manual start, manual trim, tiller version and installing the i-Troll system for my throttle option when trolling. I would like to know what shaft length I need. I will be using a fixed mounting bracket -SALTBOSS.

I plan on mounting a dual thrust prop on the F8 for trolling and would like to hear from anyone else that has used this option. Is it worth the upgrade and is it enough power in the wind? I like the T9.9 high thrust but don"t like putting the extra weight that far out on a bracket permanently. Maybe I shouldn't worry about this and go with the T9.9.

I wish Whaler designed this transom like the old classics as it would make mounting a kicker much easier. Are people with these models of Outrages drilling through the transom to mount a brackets tapping into the transom only? Through-bolting under the stern seats seems like an option.

I look forward to your replies. Thanks for your time.


onlyawhaler posted 02-12-2015 03:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for onlyawhaler  Send Email to onlyawhaler     
Hi and Welcome to this great forum

I have the same boat in a 1999. You can see some pics including what I have done for a bracket and kicker.

Here is the short answer when I went through this process.

No, its not a double notched transom for twins which would make this a lot easier, you would just hang a kicker along side the main. However the single notched transom of your 19 Outrage has quarter seats and storage which would not exist on a wider transom so there is some give and take.

The back/transom of your Outrage has Whaler Board buried under the fiberglass for this purpose higher on both port and starboard. If you have the port boarding ladder, look underneath and you will see the factory threaded bolts holding it on and they do not go through into the rear quarter seat. Consider the weight that takes. It can handle a kicker if tapped and threaded properly.

The reason not to through into the quarter seats is that its just a skin of glass , foam underneath it. It won't hold a heavy 4 stroke kicker motor on that along. Don't drill all the way through

You must drill and thread the starboard side area for a bracket. I called Chuck Bennett at Whaler and he said use the same diameter of bolt to do this as is used on the rear boarding ladder step. It makes sense, look at the weight that must take for heavy people to host themselves out of the water.

The rear starboard side can take it. Just tap it well and match things up. I use a Gilick on a slide out mounted bracket so I can slide off the motor bracket and motor completely for water sports. Again , see my pics in my profile.

The only caution I would add is get the lightest kicker you can. The 19 outrage is trim sensitive especially with a full tank of gas and tends to be stern heavy and bow light. A heavy kicker will add to this condition.

The Yamaha T-8 and T9.9 are both great. When you start adding electric start, electric tilt, it starts to add up. I would just stay as light as you can with your choices.

Good luck

Pescado posted 02-12-2015 04:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for Pescado  Send Email to Pescado     

Solid information Sterling, thank you.

How far up the transom does the Whaler board go?
How far did you drill into your transom for tapping purposes?
How do I get into your profile to look at your pictures?

Had no luck contacting Sailboss for there bracket, so I am going with a bracket made by "Bite Me Too" here in B.C. A bit heavy at close to 20lbs but supposedly very stoutly made. My thoughts are to purchase the F8 Yamaha @ 83lbs (manual start and trim) with an upgraded prop option...bit of a gamble knowing how well the Yamaha "T" model kickers preform. Still not sure if trying to save 10-15lbs and $600-$700 is worth it.

Hoping the 150 V6 Merc. Offshore is enough to push this boat..

Agreed - onlyawhaler


onlyawhaler posted 02-12-2015 10:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for onlyawhaler  Send Email to onlyawhaler     

You can check my pics on my profile listed above. There are two small boxes on each post. One is email contact and the other is info that you choose to display. Once you click on that, you will see info and click on my webpage which is just photobucket. That's where they are.

The Whalerboard is generously distributed left and right. It goes almost to the rubrail and all the way down. I am assuming you have the boarding platform as mine does. Look where its attached and also the stainless handrail that goes up almost to the rubrail. That shows how high it goes.

I tapped 6 bolts to hold my trolling motor bracket on. Its worked great. I live inland and at altitude and drive so long distances to launch so I remove the kicker while trailering to eliminate stress to that area.

I tapped and used 1 1/2 inch bolts. I also used a semi locktite sealant on the bolt threads while threading them .

Good luck , let us know how it turns out


onlyawhaler posted 02-12-2015 10:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for onlyawhaler  Send Email to onlyawhaler     
With reference to the Merc Offshore 150 and its ability to get the boat up on plane, etc, I would recommend a good seatrial.

Check planning time, cruising rpms, top speed, everything.

Remember you are buying an engine and an era where there are no guarantees on engine hours at all except the honestly of the previous owner. If there are multiple owners,,,,,,,,good luck. I find it amazing how many older boats and engines just happen to have 250-350 hours. Seems like a standard answer.

Get a compression test on the cylinders, check gear lube. To replace that engine if its not good will put you in a difficult position.

That boat is rated for 225 hp max. That's what I have on mine and I wish I could get away with adding more, but can't.

I also boat at 4-5000 high where we lose horsepower due to altitude. It appears you are at sea level so perhaps a 150 will be fine. Test it out to be sure

Good luck

Pescado posted 02-13-2015 12:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for Pescado  Send Email to Pescado     
Nice package Sterling, well done.

The boat I am buying has the same seating arrangement as yours. No T-top and not set up to fish yet. That will change when I take possession. I am buying the boat from a dealer in a different province so a test drive will not be possible. Risky I know but I have a good feeling about the boat. Have never heard of Whaler Board before so I will research it more. I see you have trim tabs on your boat. I am hoping I can get away without them as I have found them problematic in the past. Your boat looks good and the more I see of this vintage (19'-20') 96-99 Outrage the more I think they are the optimum trailerable fishing package. Here is to hoping anyhow as I will find out some facts soon.

Thanks again for all your help and I will let you know how it all works out. I will be keeping my eyes open for a late 90's 2 stroke Yamaha 200 hp saltwater series outboard. I think that engine would be a good match for this hull.

Forever have a Whaler, tight lines.


mkelly posted 02-13-2015 01:19 AM ET (US)     Profile for mkelly  Send Email to mkelly     
I have a 1994 19' Outrage with a fixed trolling motor bracket. Weight was a huge concern for me as porpoising was already an issue. I went with Mercury's 4 HP four stroke & have plenty of power in the wind. The same model and weight is produced for their 5 and 6-HP. The engine weighs 70-lbs compared a very heavy high thrust Yamaha. I would strongly consider the step down. I'm going to be up with the boat this weekend and will take photos of my bracket mounting, measurements.
jimh posted 02-13-2015 07:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Try some of these articles in the archives for ideas about mounting an auxiliary engine bracket:

Montauk 170 Kicker

A great REFERENCE article about adding an auxiliary engine to the transom of a Boston Whaler with only a narrow notched transom:

170 MONTAUK: Auxiliary Motor Installation Directly To Transom

Also see

And for the Yamaha T8, read this article for advice:

Mounting a Yamaha T8 Four-Stroke Kicker
On a 1992 OUTRAGE 22 with Evinrude 225-HP Main Engine

I think your best solution would be to sell the old Mercury and buy a modern engine. A modern engine will troll all day and sip fuel. My E-TEC 225-HP idles my boat at trolling speeds and it takes five hours to burn a gallon of gasoline. You'll enjoy the newer motor, and you won't have spent a lot of money on the bracket and a Yamaha F8.

Pescado posted 02-13-2015 12:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for Pescado  Send Email to Pescado     
You could very well be right, Jim. The new technology outboards are designed well. The price seems to reflect that. For some reason I would find it hard to put all my trolling hours on my main power source. I will be looking at close to 18-20 grand Can. to re-power with fresh power. Even than I am not sure I will be able to troll slow enough to lurk the Springs (Kings) I want to lurk. My Yamaha 9.9 high thrust has upwards of 6000 hrs. 95% of this time was trolling. This engine has been bomber with routine maintenance. The 90hp 2 stroke main engine is still running as well. Both 1995 models. I really can't think of any engines being a bunch better than these. If I was staying under 300 hours a year on my boat I would run one engine but I will be North of 300 hours by a fair margin so I feel I need a kicker. I know it won't look as good and the boat is not designed for it but I feel I have to have 2 engines on my boat where I play around.

Thanks for the links Jim. All good information. Glad I found the site.

Anyone know the weight of the Merc 150 v6 Offshore model?
Would also like the weight of a 1995-2000 Yamaha 200 SWS?

Thanks all,


onlyawhaler posted 02-13-2015 01:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for onlyawhaler  Send Email to onlyawhaler     
Just thinking about your 150 Merc and concerned that its enough horsepower so I went on to Youtube and found a boat like yours with a Merc 175 EFT offshore.

Probably not much difference between your motor and this and it seems to do well at sea level.

Here is the link if you would like to watch this seatrial.

Good luck


Pescado posted 02-13-2015 02:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Pescado  Send Email to Pescado     

It is going to be close Sterling. I know the Classic 18' with a 150 Black Max and a 9.9 high thrust Yamaha works ok. This is a bigger boat so I have my doubts but I would hope it would be sufficient enough power to get out and catch a fish. I plan to find a used 175-200 h.p of the same vintage. With everyone needing the new technology outboards there can be good value in a good used engine. Key is to find a good used engine and that is not always easy to do. This engine is suppose to be dealer maintained, has only seen fresh water and has low hours. We will see when the boat arrives.....

Could not open the seatrail link. Appreciate all your good information.

onlyawhaler, keep your hooks sharp...


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